Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hi guys!

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sorry for the schitzo...needed change & blogger is lame.

xxx stick with me...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

well. i know when the race sucked SO much....i was sick. really sick.
went to the drs. on tuesday night. fever. virus. etc. etc. i am fine and glad to be on medicine but even happier that i know why my race was so bad. my body just did not move when i said go and now i know why. it felt like crap.
post race i was dizzy and nauceous and seeing spots during..i kept thinking are they going to make me stop if i faint?? ha not a good place to be on a 5K for goodness sake...
but thats whats up!

BFFs birthday is this wknd. i am giving her the gift of $$$$..
isnt that what everyone needs most?

Lastly, the only thing in my cube is a picture of Michelle Obama. Weird?
I just loved that story...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can my first dance still be to Van Morrison?

Monday, October 5, 2009

sorry to leave everyone hanging.
new job= less time to blog.

the new job is going ok. new jobs are tough. it is night & day from my previous job..but i am finding my way.

here is a funny story from today...i ran in a 5K yesterday morning. (Sunday)
i decided to run the race last Wednesday and did not get any training or workouts in last week. i had just started the new job and so i was too busy getting adjusted and celebrating i made it through each day that work outs took a back seat.

friday night i drank too much tequila and saturday treated my body like crap. did not eat dinner and was not feeling so hot..the nature in Upstate, NY has my allergies on overdrive.

I know. excuses, excuses.

Momma & I got to the race really early. Like 2hrs early. the race did not specify that the women were running a whole 45 minutes after the men.

The race was an ELITE race where 'masters' were running for PR and to qualify for additional races..participants came from 28 states. Needless to say, it was hard to make the correct pace for myself. Another aspect of this race, the course loops around so you can see that you are being passed by the people in the front. Not great for the ole' self esteem.

Anyway. I finished in 27 minutes 10 seconds..
This was in this morning's newspaper in the sports section.
202 people finished before me.
They do not really mention how 100-out of the 200 are elite runners.

I feel lame but I am like hey!! i would of run a lot faster if I knew you were posting! :)
How conceited of me. Yet incredibly true. A girl just runs faster knowing her boyfriends are seeing how in shape she is over their morning coffee..

ohh life...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

today is my parent's wedding anniversary. they have been married for 26 years.
in 26 years they have raised 3 children. they sent all 3 children to college.
my mom waited 12 years for an engagement ring.
they met when they were 16.
they have been together for 38 yrs in total.
they built 2 houses from scratch.
they survived 5 years of college.
they are helping their elderly parents age gracefully.
they welcomed their eldest (me) back to their home with open arms.
they both work full time and receive awards and recognition each yr.
they are the greatest example of love conquering all...

i do not believe in love today.

they want me to celebrate their acheivements by being the 3rd wheel.

I do not feel much like celebrating.

As of 4pm last night, Hkyplayer & I called it quits.
I drove 10 hours in a car to end our relationship.
We spent 1 last night together (he was so confused by my tossing & turning.)
We made it 5 years.
We lasted through 4 years of college.
We celebrated birthdays and holidays.
We cried together, we fought together, we smiled together and challenged each other.
He became patient, I became confident.
We dreamed of little babies with green eyes and dirty blonde curly hair.
We planned out our wedding.
We lived in France together for 3 months.
We had plans. We had goals.
We had promises.

I forget what being alone is like.
I forget the girl who was Me before he waltzed up to me one Saturday night
...late August, 2004.
I forget what her goals are.
Her dreams.

I am going to go find them.
Come along for the ride.

This is no longer a love story.

It is a life story.

Friday, September 18, 2009


& did not break the bank....

my dream.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

***UPDATE! The Online Shopping Gods are now in my Good Books.***

I called the Customer Service Line to get more info on the price change. Turns out, the boots were originally 165$ and People Mag messed it up! So the company dropped the price down to $110. BUT! If you call-- they drop the price down to $90.00 and provide free shipping and handling. And ship in 5 days.

now that is quality service. :)
in case anyone else would like to make Over.The.Knee.Boots. work this wknd...
Oh. and P.S. Anna Sui's Gossip Girl Line @ Tar'Jee is completely Sold Out.
Screw You Online Shopping Gods.
I am raging out on the shopping Gods today let me tell you.

I was skimming through People's Style Magazine- the one with Vanessa Hutchings {{or however you spell her last name}} & came across these great Over The Knee Boots (O.T.K.). After watching the VMAs and some of NYC fashion week runways- I am convinved that they are a hit.

Boots are great. Comfy, classy, can last a couple seasons, keep you warm, sexy...and then...theres this factor. I hate my knees. I think I always have. They are my nemisis. I hate them more than any other body part. When they are not exposed I feel like I look 10 lbs lighter. So, basically, the Fashion Gods granted me a miracle and over the knee boots are now in fashion. How QUICKLY the tides changed...

Anyway, the People mag featured a pair of OTK boots in their issue, they are suede, they have a cute perfect height heel, and they were cheap-- 65$. In busy chaotic life, I kept leaving the People mag at home and forgetting the website, so days flew by without me placing my order. {{I know, I know, STUPID GIRL. I even figured they would be sold out by now}} On Saturday I checked on by Blackberry to make sure they were in- and there they were, all sparkly and shiny and I was so fricking giddy. But ordering online via the Berry is difficult. I would probably end up with 10 pairs of purple boots. No thank you. So I waited til Monday.

That was..until yesterday. I checked for my beloved boots and the price said $110. {{The name of the boots is "Vamp" so I knew I was not mistaking}} This morning I ripped the page out of the People mag, DUH should of done that sooner...to confirm. YUP. They raised the price from $65.00 to $110.00 in like a day. {{WHY. why. why}} I now should take a stance for online shoppers across the U.S.A. and call and complain and send emails and stomp my cold non-OTK boot foot. But I mean seriously. I am sick of doing that kind of thing. I am a working girl. I like to buy things. And have them shipped to my door. Like Christmas morning. WITHOUT being suckered into spending more $$$ than necessary.


Okay. well. there are so many more important, interesting, fun things going on in my life to blog about. I swear I am not materialistic. Well maybe a tad......Speaking of...does anyone know of an OTK boot-maker- that is rather cheap? I tried ALDO and Steve Madden and I think their fall boots are iffy. Happy Tuesday. :)

Oh and here are the damn boots.

Monday, September 14, 2009

i wonder what my body would look like if i did not add a pound of salt to all my meals? cant help it.. addicted.

i love this new site..perfect for the hockey player arm candy. wool coats that are cute.
scarves, gloves etc. i have learned the hardwork you need to bundle AND look good..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Anna Sui is launcing a GOSSIP GIRLS Inspired Line @ Target This Weekend!!

Who ever thought that launching a line on a Sunday would bring in good press is a bit PR-UN-saavy..especially for us Internet Shopping folks! Some of us aren't online on Sundays. The line incorporates Blair, Serena & Vanessa clothing based on their own personal style. SHOCK of the Century-- I am currently attracted to Vanessa's clothing. I am going to lose sleep over why I am not head of heels <3<3 for Blair's ribbons, bows & ruffles.

But regardless...here is a little glimpse of some of her fall-dresses.

{{Thank God tights are still in this Fall & Winter. They are like my long lost best friend. I threw a pair on today and forgot how practical and comfy they are.}}

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

updates updates...

I will be working from the NYC office for my last two weeks at my old job. My company did ask if I would work the week-in-between-jobs, September 21st from home.. I said yes. Mainly because I feel guilty leaving them hanging and I know how necessary it is. Hkyplayer & I are hoping I will be working from Montreal for the week of September 21st, and possibly catch one of his games too! Yipee. Hkyplayer accused me of not sounding excited about the pending mini-vaca. but what can one expect. I am nervous about starting at a new job, first days are seriously terrible. I really I think you feel ignorant for the first week-3 months at a new position.

My parents are so graciously coming down the weekend of September 18th to move me out of the city and back Upstate. They are staying in a nice hotel and hopefully can find it relaxing. I plan on doing most of the work so that they can just load up and go. I do have a girl interested in my apartment, I find out this Friday if she officially takes over the lease (huge finger cross)..I also offered all of my furniture..it is mainly Ikea replaceable stuff. We will see how that all goes. It would be nice to not have to move a bunch of heavy things.
Heres some news for ya!!!

One of Hkyplayer's best friends from Montreal and prepschool is staying with me. Yes, in the lil studio. We are talking about close living folks! He is a very nice guy, I consider him a friend too..but still. I mean..he is crashing on a futon and when the futon is flat it is like 3 ft from my bed. It is hilariously awkward. I mean, I am typically in bed around 9 pm...just watching tv and relaxing post-workout....I can't really do that when I am having to be a hostess..filling wine glasses, getting his bed ready..again. this is just hysterical!! He is currently doing an internship with National Geographic and is searching desperately for an apartment.. He is hoping to finalize by the weekend. It is all fine and not a big deal..but have I said it is really awkward?!!! Oh life!!

{{See Small-Sized-Studio Apartment Below}}...

(this pic was when I first moved in-hence why the walls are so fricking bare etc.)
(ps..Hkyplayer was NOT having it when his friend asked me. But what can you do! He did not want to seem like a jealous boyfriend and really theres no reason to worry in that realm..it was kind of one of those things that you really didnt want to make up an excuse for, and from my point of view, Hkyplayer once housed 2 of my girlfriends for a couple days so I will do the same in return) We are all just one big happy family !!

This weekend one of my college bffs Stephanie will be in town. She has been in NYC once every couple weekends (thank heavens). As she is working and a bridesmaid/maid of honor in about a million weddings around NY. We will get together Saturday afternoon for some shopping most likely and a good dinner/drinks.
{{ Steph & I last visit}}

Sunday morning we are running in the Susan G. Komen 5K in Central Park. I ran in the race last year and really loved it. It is so inspirational running amongst women with "Survivor" tshirts- or "In Memory Of". I am looking forward to it. However! I have been changing my sneakers around this week and my body is not happy. My legs felt so heavy on yesterdays run, and I am yet to get my Fuel Belt in the mail (pouting), and the water bottle I was running with- holding it. (Not annoying at all)..ha.. felt like a million pounds. It was a sticky situation because I wanted to chuck it in the trash mid-run but knew I would regret not having it for the end of my run...
ok ok!! done complaining! :) Happy Wednesday...ahhh short weeks are heaven....
"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect - you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there." -Bob Marley

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the hkyplayer in black. giggling at training camp.
isnt he just the cutest?!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Its official!! I have big news I can finally share.
I got a new job!! It is in my hometown and was really what I had been hoping and praying for. It had been a long interview process and I had been in limbo for a couple weeks. It is so hard to be patient.
I have two weeks in the city to finish up at my current agency, pack up, and get rid of the apartment.
I am going to continue to have Faith and now it will all work out. This news is certainly proof. I had been looking for sometime now for the chance to relocate to my hometown after putting in a year and a half in NYC. The minute I saw this job posting I knew I needed it! More responsibility, less hours, and a lot more money (the cost of living is also much cheaper Upstate).

My job is in Skaneateles, NY by Skaneateles lake. It is a small but gorgeous little town.

I still have to determine where my new apartment will be and if I want to buy a new car (need to be able to handle the snowy back roads) but I am sure the answers will come to me in time.

Hkyplayer is also excited and very proud. He hated NYC. We knew it was just for my job but even his visits weren't all that great w both of us not loving it there. I will also be a lot closer to him and can take a train or drive up to his games this season.

Overall a great transition. But a transition nonetheless. Not easy.

I am typing from my parents boat currently...so more to come soon. I just could not hold in the big news any longer!!

God Bless

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exhibit A.
this is my hkyplayer's ex-girlfriend.
and you think you have self esteem issues.
no. not joking.
elisha cuthbert. yes i did not capitalize her name on purpose. :)

Exhibit B:
Saw her on the street today, on the way to lunch
She is skinner in real life.
& Apparently really in love with her significant other..
Gabrielle Anwar, Burn Notice
I stumbled across this article while on my lunch break today. It made me smile to myself so many times. I did live abroad, South of Paris. For 3 months. And these 5 Suprises were taken out of my life experience in France I swear. If ONLY I had found this article prior to being abroad...but then again.
Isnt it the Suprises that make Life worth it....

Monday, 03/ 2/2009 at 12:53 PM
Everyone, at one time or another, has fantasized about packing their bags and moving to Paris. But what's it really like to live there?

Nichole Robertson from Little Brown Pen just moved to Paris with her family, and, overall, they adore it. But, in all honesty, she reveals five things she finds hilariously tricky about everyday life in France... Here are the five things Nichole finds hilariously tricky about daily life in Paris...

1. No Speak French. I don't speak a whole lot of French. I can ask where the restroom is and order a coffee, but my husband does most of the talking. When we go to the grocery store or to the bakery, I feel like his submissive wifey who nods and smiles. When I do speak, I imagine I sound like Borat... "Me like your bread. Yes. Your bread is nice."

2. No Cheddar Cheese. It's not surprising that my toddlers love cheddar cheese. What is shocking (unless I'm the last to know) is that cheddar cheese is not too popular in Paris. We searched for two days to no avail. Desperation led to a pretty shady move: We bought something orange and told them it was cheddar. Lucky for us, Mimolette tastes and looks a whole lot like the real deal!

3. No Hot Showers. I weep for hot showers. I dream about hot showers. I would travel miles for a hot shower. But our water tank is teeny, and we learned the hard way that we have about three minutes each before the hot water runs out. So everyday is a choice: Shampoo or shave? Face or feet?

4. No Bathroom Power. I have long hair, and I absolutely need to blow it dry. There's only one outlet in the bathroom, and it says razors only. So I dry my hair in the kitchen, the only place that won't fry my hairdryer. I even hung a mirror in there. Bonus: Now I can monitor the toast while I'm doing it.

5. No Anonymous Med Shopping. The scenario: You have diarrhea. United States: You go to CVS, pick up some Immodium, and disguise it with a copy of In Touch while in the checkout line. No one discusses diarrhea (although they may discuss Jessica Simpson). Paris: Medicine isn't sold in a supermarket or otherwise anonymous place, so you go to a small pharmacie. There are at least six people in this small pharmacie. All of the embarrassing medications are behind the counter. You skulk to the counter and spend ten minutes trying to explain in broken French that you have diarrhea. In public. With hand gestures.

All of the not-so-charming stuff aside, Paris is everything you'd expect it to be. The romantic cliches exist for a reason, and I've never had better bread, butter, eclairs or coffee. The people are super nice; I have yet to meet a rude French person. Our apartment is beautiful, with exposed beams, huge windows and a sweet cobblestone courtyard, and when I'm not in it, I'm surrounded by some of the most amazing architecture in the world. It's a truly magical place to be, and I enjoy living life in a place where people champion beauty in all its forms.

Visit the Author, Nichole, at her Blog- Little Brown Pen.
She is genuis. American, Gorgeous, Happily Married and has the.cutest.little.boys.
my grandfather; cigar, glasses & his keyboard.
how priceless. god bless him..

happy thursday (friday) to all those who are taking an extra long wknd this wknd. i am flying home tonight!! yippee!! i hope my flight is on time so i can hit the hot tub when i am home.
it will be so weird as the youngest bro. is now off to college. strange!!
i plan on seeing his dorm and taking him to breakfast. that is if he has time for us in his busy-
i am too cool for you now that i am a college student-schedule. :)
no news on my end. hkyplayer is back @ training camp for the weekend. xo
i am thankful to be going home and not having to worry about the wknd job anymore!
congrats to
KatieD for hew new part-time job at Anthroplogie. I would looooooove to tap into her store discount on some of their fall clothes & cute apartment accessories. Miss u Kate!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Look @ hkyplayer...all important & stuff!! This article appears on his website (in French) here is the translated article below. No, I am not that cool. Thank Google.
p.s. his hair looks funny. it is a mohawk but looks weird in the pic.
then again, mohawks are weird.
...now if only i could of intervened on the terribly weird olive green-on teal green situation.

Michael Novosad Back
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sherbrooke- A few hours of the news conference to announce the arrival of the new coaching staff of St. Francis de Sherbrooke, two other players reached agreement with management bringing the total to sixteen since the beginning Waltz of the signatures.

Michael Novosad back with St. Francis. He played in 2007-2008 where he amassed 20 points in 50 games. Former training, Niagara University in the NCAA, played in Tours, France last season.

speaking of weddings....

.my dream come true.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kara Goucher Makes Me Cry.
While watching last years NY City Marathon I was sobbing when she stepped off the Queensborough Bridge. She sprinted into her hometown onto the streets that ripped her father from her family years prior.

She is such a motivation. I am interested to see if she will be running in this yrs. marathon. Until then; Here is a pic and article of Kara's successes both off & on the beaten path.


Seriously though. I am head over heels in love some certain ppls blogs.
ie. Chic Runner, Pink Sass, Quite Contrary...etc.. I need to check them every morning after my early morning report is sent out.

Chic Runner is my idol in the running realm.
Because of her I bought my very first running belt. JUST NOW!!
I felt like such a cheeseball running in Central Park last night holding a water bottle.
Hopefully I will like my new running belt.
It also has a pouch which is muy bueno because I need my Company I.D. card to re-enter the building all sweaty and nast. post run. (Not annoying @ all).....
AND this is why I am a groupie. I got the belt online (luv online shopping! entertaining @ work, and when you get the pkg it is like fricking Christmas Day). But I got it off a site that Chic Runner recommends...Road Runners Sport. If you become a VIP member--$1.99...you then have FREE SHIPPING. Someone pinch me.

This is Chic Runner & her running belt-- I even think of her blogs sometimes...ie. I was running with $$ in my sports bra last night (to buy the said water bottle) and I was so worried it fell out...She once blogged about losing car keys MID RACE. My Goodness makes my palms sweaty just thinking about the possibility!! So hopefully I will luv my lil belt and never fear losing $/ID/Keys again!! I will let you know.

((Yes. She runs while taking pictures. WACKO. I am typically worried about breathing/running/thinking all at the same time without tumbiling down a hill.))

& HERE is my future running buddy... it is light pink. I know. Not typical moi. But! it will work. (Usually I like an UnderArmour-look to my running gear).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lil tidbit..hkyplayer called today to inform me he was off to buy new shin pads. apparently the shin pads that he has are 10 years old and are breaking by the knees. he is sad he has to get new ones because he has had them for so long. so i said wowie you have had them longer than you have had me............and he goes see!! i hold on to the things i love.
cute. right? minus the fact i keep thinking about how bad 10yr old hockey pads must smell....
oh. & he bought the car. its black. with tints. and huge wheels.
.........no he is not making his rap debut anytime soon.
on my end... just working and getting back to the groove of things. went away for a family weekend. cousin posted terrible pics of the fam. party. makes me hate what i was wearing. (annoying). last night i trained a new girl at the night job. she will do well i think.
next monday is my last day there. *hallelujah*
2 more hours then i am off for a run..hopefully long... in central park. xx

Thursday, August 20, 2009


hkyplayer's league this year. Lord help us!!!!

they are a fighting league. one of the guys in the video, Jean Francis, was hkyplayer's room mate in this league a couple of years prior. the boys would be bandaging up after a game while taking shots.

such a strange world i live in!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting news;
* i go home tomorrow night for a long wknd filled with family friends & Hkyplayer wooooo!
* i bought these really cute heels w bows on them (F21) and they are so COMFY
....i cannot find the pic. not available on F21 site anymore
* Syracuse Fball team is coming to Giants Stadium Sept 8th (my hometown team!yay!)
* Top Chef starts tonight. I luv T.C...even though it makes my stomach growl. for an hour.
* HkyPlayer is buying a new car. P.I.M.P.M.O.B.I.L.E. (wow that took a lot of energy to type).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

little list of 10 things that make me terribly happy:
1. my clean, uncluttered little studio
2. waking up @ my parents house

3. the smell of library books
4. eyes that change color
5. my boyfriends laughter

6. memories of our apartment in france
7. my dogs greying beard
8. foam in my lattee
9. soft sugar cookies

10. snail mail
everyone send me a lil courage today plz!! big day ahead!!

hope everyone is having a good tuesday. my lack of morning runs are being blamed on the heat. why is it so much easier to get up and run when it is cold out?? @ least for me anyway. it shocks you awake, you can throw baggy warm clothes on over your pjs..and no one else is around because it is too cold. how perfect.

i am sure i will be using the cold as an excuse for lack of morning runs in a couple months...but september get here fast! i have missed you so.

Monday, August 17, 2009

pics from our last season in sherbrooke.....

((the backyard))

((the house...(maison) if you will))

HKYPlayer a Saint? Oxymoron...

The hkyplayer has signed. this morning he officially signed for the 2009-2010 season with a team, St. Francis Saints, Sherbrooke, Q.C.
A press conference will be taking place this evening announcing he has signed, it will be a suprise to everyone. he was a 'fan favorite' as he played their his first season after we graduated. when i was in the stands a lot of fans approached me asking if he liked it there etc. he is from Montreal, so he is kind of a 'home town boy'.

(Sherbrooke is NORTH of Montreal. By North I mean in the mountains, you will not hear a lick of English, and they shut down roads in the winter because of snow)...oh and when we use to drive back from games he would have ME be on the look out for moose. Yes. Moose crossing, like the Abercrombie & Fitch moose but less cute.

so needless to say; he will be LIGHT YEARS away from NYC. seriously, he mine as well be in Europe. & speaking of, when we were in France for 3 months I had to keep reminding myself I was not in Sherbrooke, and was in fact in the real deal- Southern France. THAT is how much French we are talking about. When I would go shopping, to get coffee, in the stands etc..NO ENGLISH. they are shocked and whip around when they would hear me speak, thinking what is this strange girl doing in this place. That's me. The strange girl.

Yep. They are right. Strange girl = weird American girl with college degree, PR professional, NYC inhabitant who follows her boyfriend to all the ends of the earth to support his career; that just so happens to be a professional athlete.
More to come on how this new life changing decision will alter the future...

In the meantime... 4 Shifts left at the night job. Seriously I could fricking jump up and down right now. I am bringing my Mom's-friends-daughter to interview for my position next Monday. Hopefully everyone will like each other! She is one of those, 'I must live in NYC girls', and moved down here with no job. This might be a good fit for her.

This past weekend I shopped, a lot. New shoes, vintage sundress/belt, 2 skirts... la la la...What?! Hkyplayer's birthday celebration is this upcoming wknd?!! WOOPSIES. I thought that meant I get a new weekend wardrobe. :) :)

Until then, I will be shopping for classy winter-wear for cold hockey rinks and autumn Northern Quebec weekend excursions....

Friday, August 14, 2009

so do not fear, for i am with you;
do not be dismayed, for i am your God.
i will strengthen you & help you.
i will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
isaiah 41:10

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i am here in the city this wknd. mainly friendless- with Katie moving, J. on a cruise, etc.

i plan on birthday shopping; hkyplayer & brother,

& checking out the highline.

saturday is suppose to be beautiful. i plan on taking full advantage.

tonight i am meeting up with Katie and she is completing the transition from NYC to DC this week/weekend. we will be meeting @ Hooters off Broadway. She brought me there, grudgingly the very first day I started with our company. it is a tradition one might say.

I am going to miss her dearly. A coworker, friend, and confidant. I KNOW I would of not lasted this long in NYC without her by my side. This place is cut-throat. She also pushed me in the right direction for France. I cant wait to see where each others lives take us. We are both on the verge of big things. : )

happy thursday,
kt marie.


i am down right SHOCKED you all did not inform me about Tracy Firth's line at Target.
YOU know I love girly clothing.
YOU know I love being a thrifty shopper.
YOU know I love shopping online.

Of COURSE, every other girl in America luvs the line. The only thing I can find of the line on the website are bathing suit bottoms (with bows). adorable.

NOW HOW do I miss this! Where is the PR for Target I ask!?! I have seen your Mother-focused commercials on how 'Julie has faith Target will keep her kids un-sunburned' blah blah. WHERE were your commercials for 20-something girls who love frocks. girly girl sundresses & are at a loss for what to wear to their Grandfathers 80th Bday that may or may not be taking place nxt wknd.

Really. I am taking this personally.

(lets all pretend we do not recognize Ali from The City).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

finally some info. i can share!

i gave notice at the night job. it was so hard to do.

its hard to walk away from anything i think is difficult, it means your path is uncertain. my last day there is august 31st. the final straw was trying to make it from 34th St (Penn Station) to w56 (the restaurant location), 90degree weather, during the Dominician Republic Parade. word's dont explain. MAJOR breakdown... had to have a police escort. like..seriously?? a girl needs to relax on a sunday. i am not leaving them totally hanging, my mom's friend/coworkers daughter may take over, i will be training her and they have to make sure they like her too.

i will then have my sundays back and monday evenings. fab.

in the meantime, you will find me shopping for hkyplayer's birthday, working out, and listening to iron & wine.

most of you may recall their song from twilight: flightless bird, american mouth...ahh the countdown til new moon :) :)

more news to come. pinky promise.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i am avoiding blogging all together because i have learned the dooce.com lesson well.
do not want to mis-speak and be caught up in some whole controversy..more to come later..i pinky promise.

things i can discuss....

Today is my first day in the office without Katie. BOO. it is so weird. let me tell you. We normally would be siked to use our Tim Hortons coupon and go and get some free iced coffees on our lunch break. She will be Missed. Even though she is on to bigger n better--- Nursing School in D.C., read all about her changes on her hilarious blog........
- Findings & Adventures in the Life of Katie Dinterman

Next Monday, August 17 is Hkyplayer's birthday. Big 2-6. yikes!! I plan on getting him new cologne and replacement Oakleys for his pair that got thrown in a lake this summer :)

I know he wants both and will never get around to making the purchases. He is planning on visiting my family & I the weekend after for some family partys and to golf with my Dad.

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i just happend to be walking by STEVE on the way back from a pedicure...they were on sale...more than the site! For the "Fall Preview"

It is a match made in heaven.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just kidding.

I want these instead.

fall IS right around the corner..... :)

has anyone tried under armour sneakers?? i am currently running in NIKES..I know I know, breaking a cardinal rule. previously I had MIZUNOS- Loved..but not the cutest pair of sneaks.

THESE sneakers are so DANG cute. I am normally not a pink girl..but I love these...

Does anyone have a good product review?! I Googled and didn't get any decent feedback.
I am just scared because I have never heard anything about UnderArmour shoes 1 way or the other..I have U.A. shorts, headbands and t-shirts....undecided...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

come follow moi on twitter!
..via twitter-berry :)
Some Little Things About Me:
1. What is your favorite color? green
2. What's your favorite kind of cake? mrs fields cookie cake
3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them? typically just buy. whatever i know they need/want.
4. What's your favorite holiday? christmas
5. Are you going on vacation or traveling this year? pending hkyplayers 2010 seaon- may be Europe again! (fingers x)
6. How would you describe your decor? Classy. Modern. Clean.
7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like? All my family & friends. open bar. Good live band. Happy with my husband.
8. What's your favorite romantic song? anything by Van Morrison
9. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful? Kim Kardashian. Denise Richards.
10. What is a weekly must for you? Working out. Reality tv during the week. Good wine.
11. If you could be a fictional character from a book who would you choose? Bella!!
12. If you could be in a television show, which would you choose? Tori & Dean! I love them.
13. Which character would you like to be? Toris new nanny ha
14. What's your favourite girl's name? Abigail
15. What's your favourite boy's name? Nicholas
16. What's your supermarket of choice? wegmans!
17. What is your worst habit? biting my nails.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

pray, pray, pray!

please cross your fingers & all of your toes for me.

i have not been having the best days as of late. going stir crazy.
i am hoping for changes to come my way.
i am asking for prayers of clarity & to not be frusterated with 'my plan'
i have Faith i am on the right track, just gotta be calm with the time line of it all..

Monday, July 27, 2009

hi guys. i am sorry i have been avoiding blogging like the plague. i choose to blame this on the fact that the longer you go without blogging the more you want your next blog to be really fantastic and announcing momentus news.
{{so much for that.}}
hkyplayer & I are currently in limbo. big time limbo. he has yet to signed for the 2010 season. for those of my followers *well technically..i may not have anyone following anymore cause i ignored you all so much, terrible girl i am*, that are unfamiliar with hockey--last year at this time he flew out for the 2009 season the first wk in August. So you can see why life is all jumbled. no decision has been made. The last we knew a team in Italy is interested. Hkyplayer asked if they pay for his equipment (it would be outrageous if they didnt because he is already taking a paycut)..if not Italy; he will return to a previous team located in Quebec. I loved the town where the team was located and our little place there. I am totally for either option. However. Quebec team was a fighting league and hkyplayer did get injured there. not so good. Bottom line; he has options. It is just very very weird because my life could change so much in the next week or so. I am just standing by on the sidelines cheering him on trying to be supportive & offering it up to God knowing we will end up Exactly Where We Should Be.

in the meantime, hkyplayer came to visit this past wknd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE!
of COURSE i was feeling under the weather..this hacking cough that is so unattractive and my eyes are all nasty..you can tell i am running an empty tank. He did not mind when I woke him up all night long every night of the wknd- he rubbed my back, offered to get me water and gave me positive vibes. So cute. I am so blessed.

He got in LATE thursday night. We crashed. He wanted sandwiches. He is just like my father. Friday I called off work- was still sick, cold symptoms and did not sleep. We relaxed and went to brunch at a place I knew he would love. We sat outside and loved all the people watching and little dogs walking by. We then relaxed all Friday day because he knew I was zonked. Friday Night we got the idea to go to the Yankees game. I never, ever, ever thought I would make it to the game. Who would I go with? Arent the tickets expensive?! Well hkyplayer said lets do it! We went for a drink in the city prior to the game. I had a Bikini Martini- hit the spot. Hkyplayer ate wings...he has been craving wings for weeks.

We then took the train to Yankee Stadium. Hkyplayer walked by the first couple scalpers and I was thinking oh because they were too out in the open or something - some strategy...he usually has one..turns out it was simply because he was scared. too cute! We bought bleacher tix that ended up being in the FIRST ROW of the 200 level. GORGEOUS seats- beautiful weather, so much fun. We were on Cloud9. The only glitch- when I got there they hassled me about having my bag because it qualifies as a large purse. They do not allow 'large purses' in Yankee stadium... Ok folks..half of NYC carries large bags- Murses included. Get with it. I freaked when Security told me I would need to hand my bag off to the BOWLING ALLEY across the street?! WTF. Hkyplayer, as always, took over and handled the situation perfectly. We switched lines and I got in with out another mention of it. I got excited because the Yankees were playing the A's and Nomar Garciparra plays for the A's...he had come into my night job a couple wks ago. Hkyplayer showed me how Garciparra has this weird tic where he touches his bating gloves 4 times everytime he is up to bat. Too funny. ...We had such a great night.

Saturday Hkyplayer cooked me breakfast in bed. Egg white omlets & veggies in a breakfast wrap while ESPN blared on the tv...he makes me feel so at home..so much more so in my own place..I loved my apartment when we were in it together..gosh I love him. Then we went to my gym and worked out FOREVER. Seriously. He showed me a bunch of new work outs that yes, I requested. But still. The kid is crazy. I will keep them up :) I am so sore today! Saturday night I cooked a great (pat myself on the back) chicken stir fry and we went into the city to meet up with a highschool BFF - Janel. She lives on 77 and 1st. I wanted hkyplayer to see her place & I knew she was a bit lonely as her long distance boyfriend was MIA. Janel, Hkyplayer & I went to my coworker and good friends bday. It was at some random place on the Lower East. We had a blast. Hkyplayer died laughing at my dance moves.

Sunday- I WORKED. I worked from 1:00-midnight. After I said goodbye to hkyplayer and cried many an elephant tear. Tonight I took off work from the night job. Im wiped out.

I will work the day job and then head home to relax...maybe a late night workout if I feel up to it..

Apologies for being so MIA...I will keep everyone posted on the pending hockey season decision. I need to remember that blogging can be therapeutic.
It helps to get everything out,
Look bk and smile
and see things that seemed so huge are really just trivial.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

& even if he wakes you up every day ...
by sneezing right in your face,
you love his sneezes
more than anyone else's

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i am alive & well

i am alive. i have been so MIA. i flew into syracuse last wk at this time. it was a great wknd celebrating my brothers graduation party. we worried for rain. it rained a bit in the morning & then held off until i was drying myself off from the hot tub..
food was great. wine better. loved helping Momma. she said, 'thank God I have a daughter.' it was great to hear. :)

i will say i have stepped away from the blog-atmosphere because i was not a happy camper post-family vacation. not easy to say goodbye. lotsa tears at the airport.
on a positive note, i have been re-vamping the apartment and making it a bit cozier and more efficient. something to keep me happy.

another positive, hockey player is meeting with 3 agents on Saturday. He is playing in a tournament called the
stanley keg. he has always played it and will play along NHL'ers and guys who play in Europe. he is meeting with the UK agent, Sweden and a QC agent from an old team he use to play on. FINGERS CROSSED.

[ he was suppose to come visit for the wknd but come on. this is major. maybe he will come next weekend instead ] ..in the mean time. i am working friday & sunday. saturday i will occupy myself with friends..

i hope everyone is having a great week.
& please. please DO NOT go see bruno. no joke.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just boarded my flight home!! Much needed vacation Upstate.yay!
Last night went for a GREAT dinner w my team of coworkers. One of my coworkers had the idea of the SVP ladies discussing their career paths.. We heard fabulous stories of times spent doing PR for Exxon, time abroad in Russia and working for Guiding Light.

I am so blessed to have these mentors in front of me. Impt not to take it for granted. Now I get time w my family.

Lucky girl I am. xx

Monday, July 6, 2009

Been so MIA- sit in front of a computer all day + still did not have time to post.

Fourth was good fun/random.
I did NOT work my 2nd job tonight...
Life is chaos
I fly home on THURSDAY
And just had the best grilled chs sandwich. (Non-dairy cheese)

Red wine, bed + kathy griffin my life on the D list :)

.. I wish I was joking...

More to come I promise. xx

Friday, July 3, 2009

My vacation got cancelled!! Again!!BUT! No worrying- it was for a valid reason. One of my clients drugs was approved by the FDA. This drug is estimated to gross $1.5 Billion and help to 3 million Americans.


Had a great trip to Trader Joes.
Good wine.
Love my family.
+ I am lucky to have a boyfriend like HkyPlayer to miss.

Tomorrow plans? Hamptons? Stay in the city + read a bk in Central Park? Options are endless...

Happy, very random, 4th.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i love tori & dean on oxygen. OBSESSION.
1. she married a canadian. (he reminds me of hkyplayer a little bit more in every epsiode).
2. she has gorgeous children
3. shes a working mom. to say the least.
4. HOW CAN U BE THAT SKINNY?! it is mind blowing.

so i was thinking. tori creates gorgeous babies, baby clothes, authors great books that make me laugh outloud AND creates really pretty jewlery. she must have a blog.
no dice. her 'official site' takes you to her myspace page. You mean to tell me her gay husband hasnt informed her that myspace is very 2003-ish. seriously it is for child molesters. what ru doing tori. Upgrade.

in her defense. the site has CUTE recently uploaded pics of her and the family... http://www.myspace.com/torispelling

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ps. HkyPlayer's old team was in Sherbrooke, QC. Hence the 'Sherbrooke Machine' shirt. Where this came from I'll never know. Did it get him free drinks at the time he played there??


music, pandora, vanilla candles..

i never blog about music. and it is such a huge part of my life, especially when the Hkyplayer was in Europe for 6mnths without moi. music gets me by. heres an oldie but goodie. good for Blah Tuesday if you ask me..
Kate Nash, The Nicest Thing
HkyPlayer & I love the song by Kate titled 'Foundations'. good tongue n cheek representation of us :). God Bless Pandora for playing me some real good tunes today,For vanilla candles on the office desk that smell so delicioooous & for upcoming wknds spent Upstate with my amazing family...
& i should be happy. i get to still wear birthday hats, and sit on my boyfriends lap. and i am loved.

' no matter how you feel; get up, dress up & show up'
okay, i did that.. can i go home now ?? :
...1 of thooose days...and my laundry is callin' my name..

Monday, June 29, 2009


VACATION WAS GREAT. As Expected! & just a complete whirlwind--my flight ended up being delayed on thursday night, eek. but i got in around midnight and hkyplayer, his Momma & Ali J *with puppy Spartan where all there to greet me. it was so nice being in his presence and sleeping by his side. he is such a great partner and my best friend :)

Friday Ali J and I were pool side with Spartan as hkyplayer and his dad worked a half day. We had a great BBQ with yummy salsa and chicken burgers on the grill, @ night we had some of his friends over and watched the NHL draft. I was the first one asleep per usual!~ Ali J and I took hkyplayer's Mom's aerobics class too. SHE KICKED MY BUTT!! His Mom is so great and gave hkyplayer n I a shout out for her one of her songs that reminds her of us...she is in such good shape and man my stomach is so sore! It was one of the wknd highlights. Ali J & I stood in the back and were laughing so hard and sweating so much! Saturday afternoon Ali J fought over who could hang out with me..which was very sweet but also frusterating! I wanted to be in both places. Ali J was going to an all girl's bruncheon and they were gone from 2-9 pm. Hkyplayer was not having that! So instead he won & we went to see transformers. (i was there more or less for cuddiling & movie theater popcorn). Saturday night we met up with his agent at a club in Montreal called
buona notte. all of the NHL 1st draft picks were there too. I wish I had a chance to speak to his agent about sending hkyplayer somewhere good AND SOON! we are so behind with hearing where he will be going this season. EEK!

I was so sad to leave, but it was a great time had by all. I decided on a whim I will be going home to Upstate NY for 4th of July wknd. I had not made any plans because I am going home the following wknd for younger brother's HS grad party. On the way home from my wknd trip I thought life is too short to not spend holidays where you want to be!! Even though it is costing an arm & leg! I am taking a limo bus on Thursday night that has wireless access- so I can work if necessary, and on the way back taking an early train so I can work Sunday night at the night job. Hkyplayer mentioned he might come down for it- but we know how that goes :)

So excited!!!!!! Somewhere in there I need to do laundry (piles and piles), get some workouts in, and meet up with Janel- a hs friend in the city I have not seen in ages for sushi!.... I'll upload pics from the wknd shortly!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

why is Beyonce in my head this morning?

"lemme lemme update-yaa"

so my company DID take my afternoon flight away from me yesterday. so instead of flying out this afternoon i will be flying to Montreal this evening- 9pm flight vs. 3pm flight. Yeah, it is kinda like the 'man' is bringing me down...but not so much...
1. free flight! yay! they are paying for the $800+ flight AND the flight i originally booked
2. Ali J arrives around the same time into the same airport! yay! now we can have a dramatic reunion in the airport terminal..picture the whole slow motion running into each others arms..
3. HkyPlayer said 'cool, now I can skate tonight before you get here!!', ha. & he is happy they are paying for my trip & that I am needed so badly..especially in this economy! It is nice to feel wanted by your job lemme tell ya.
Hopefully we will still get in a lot of quality time into just a few days. I just cannot wait to see him and get a big huge hug! I was in the office until 9 pm last night and got here 8am this morning! eek! Nothing a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks won't fix. :) :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

trip itinerary!

Hkyplayer never makes a trip itinerary. he believes in going with the flow and taught me to do so as well! that was...until today! he called on my lunch break to go over the upcoming wknd vaca with me. so cute. got me so excited! he also told me his Momma is possibly even more excited than he is. if that possible. we all cannot wait for Hkyplayers sister, Ali J. to be home visiting. Hkyplayer & I have not seen her since last summer! She is so much fun to be around!! I am suppose to (cross fingers no crisis occurs tomorrow @ my job) arrive at 6pm in Montreal tomorrow night. Ali J flys in later. YAY!

Tomorrow night: RELAX! & greet Ali J at the airport-- all have some sangria!!!! I am working a half day and will be leaving the office/ and nYC at 1:00 (cross fingeeeeers)
Friday: I will have to work (boo) from his house at least in the morning, relax, enjoy the good weather (cross fingers again), lay out pool side.
@ night have a fire in their outdoor fire pit & BBQ!
Saturday: Take his Momma's work out class (shes an instructor) with Ali J, hkyplayer sleeps in. :)...then the ZOO!- one of our favs!
Sunday: Hkyplayers brother- Luke is graduating from high school!! According to the Candians..this means we meet them out downtown?! So weird! lol but ok! ill go with it! (we typically use to go out every other night when I would visit)..that was before we realized the backyard, some good sangria and comfy clothes can be just as enticing. We have been nesting as of late :) ....and i love every minute of it....but i do miss the night life of my fav. city of all time!--Montreal!

tonight i will be going home to go for a quick jog and finish packing. in my world that means going through my bag ONE MORE TIME in hopes i can eliminate some of the 10,000 lbs of luggage. ha!

to recap, last night i went to H&M before working out. i saw the huge SALE sign and couldnt resist. Got cute unders ($1-$3.00 each), a cute-summer-scarf- lepoard and pink (good for travel!!!)- $5.00, cute pjs-- i hate walking around his house in not so nice pjs- $15.00, a skirt- i am wearing today haha! $10.00) AND a comfy shirt I will wear tomorrow for work day/flight- with skinny jeans, heels and a blazer.
Do i need this stuff? NO. does it make me happy. YES. maybe I will return the stuff I end up not using or liking. Ha. Right.

P.S. H&M dressing rooms ARE not my friend. The mirrors, the lighting. I think God created us just as he wanted. I dont think we are suppose to be able to see our bum from 50 different angles in flourescent lighting.......not cute. BUT! inspired me on my run to push harder thats for sure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

bare (bear?) with me.
my blog looks about as fashionable as i do today...

under construction.
i am not having a good 'me' day. my skirt is hanging in weird places and my shirt is to big on the top. aka. i feel frumpy. i feel unsassy. i feel not so cute.
BUT! the sun is shining!
AND i have these things on my desk......

sunkissed AND skin firming...is this a miracle in a bottle??

mmmm.....crystal light... i am known to over dose on these. i know it is not healthy. but seriously, i hate regular water. i depend on the flavor. & AGAIN! the sun is out...

??! what is better than ice cold lemonade. ??!

i love products. after my crazy mondays working both jobs i always feel so good when i cash a paycheck and use $20 of a paycheck towards new perfumes, face washes or heck..dish detergent. i cannot even explain how it cheers me up. right now i have pomegranate dish soap. i also got little tester sized shampoo and conditioners for my (possible) up coming vacation this wknd. Hkyplayer will be so amazed with his super efficient girlfriend. Usually I bring jumbo sized everything & about a million pairs of shoes. But this time I am flying. No time to be over-indulgent!

on a related topic. i was in line at duane read and they have WHIPPED reeses peanut butter cups. say what. how delissssh. mmm. i can only imagine how great they would be. chocolate & peanut butter is my weakness. My maternal gma is OBSESSED w peanut butter so i swear it is located somewhere in my genetic make up and therefore, not my fault. or problem :) BUT! i did not grab 1! I did not! Instead I bought grapes from a street vendor. 1. the weather is beaaautiful. i could practically walk around in a bikini thru Midtown Manhattan. ..doesnt really make ya want a Reeses does it?! & 2. THIS BLOG. http://www.fitnessista.com/... how amazing/gorgeous is 'G'!! This girl is an inspiration. She is also a fitness instructor/personal trainer just like Hkyplayers Momma. I cannot wait to log into her blog this wknd (possible vacation) & show Ali J and HkyMomma her blog!

hopefully this not so me day will suddenly turn into i love the summer, i love eating healthy and working out day. ps. i am so glad i brought my gym stuff to change into! looks like i am forgoing yet another happy hr for the sanity of the treadmill. sorry coworkers in advanced. :X

much needed moi time! xx have an amazing afternoon all...

... yes please...

Monday, June 22, 2009

where is everyone?!!

hi guys. feeling a bit lost today. Parents are in the Cayman islands. (LUCKYDUCKS! & so happy for them..my Momma won the all-expense-paid-trip for 2) @ work. She is officially the #3 sales rep in the country for her company. She is the Shit. Dad went with her. They texted me yesterday, this is their first flight alone since 1985, Bahamas. And technically they were not alone as she was very.very. pregnant with yours truly. :) ...so i am siked for them. She emailed me today saying they are snorkeling and kayaking and my Dad got to golf with his very own caddie. It is just weird not getting her daily txts & phone calls. Usually I txt her at the end of my days so she knows I am safe (see previous blogs about apartment getting broken into). etc.
Hometown BFFS are in Florida. They are there visiting J's Dad. Kaleena is there for moral support. Which I am very glad for (J needs it. Thats for certain) . But they are also out of touch.
Hkyplayer is back to the ole 9-5 today. Helping his Dad out and making some $. But weird to know we cannot chat online on a whim. I will admit though, kinda fun getting the early morning phone call knowing we are on the same exact schedule.
Plus I know anytime we are making $ we are happy.
Just feels like a strange day today! Per usual, I will be so thankful when tonight is done. Hostess job was nutso yesterday with Father's Day. No celebrity sightings- Carlos Beltran was at the other location. :) Instead of my usual salads at work I have been ordering grilled chicken. It has been a nice treat at the end of the shift--- Sundays 3-midnight/Mondays 6-midnight. eeeek. To recap; had a great weekend. Katie & I had a great time on Fri. good appetizers drinks and lotsa laughs! Saturday I stopped into Forever 21 for some sundresses and to Trader Joes for some groceries. It was pouring so it was a great night to watch HGTV & relax!! I am still waiting to hear about my vacation to Montreal. Hopefully they will let me fly out on Thursday as planned. I checked into other flight options and there are no flights besides the one I have for that time in the day non-stop. I will blog with any update on that end!
Here are some pics of my purchases from Forever21 on Saturday. I tried on about 30 items but narrowed it down to 3. I will mainly be in the backyard pool side so I went for comfy/cute vs. dressy. :)

i want to go back and get this!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

t.g.i.f. folks

hope everyone has a great weekend!! tonight katie & i are going to happy hour at UNOs. everytime i go to a 'chain restaurant' in the city i feel lame because we have so many unknown lil hot spots but heres why! i went for a run last Sunday before my hostess job and stumbled across this new plaza RIGHT next to my apartment. cute outdoor seating for UNOs, AppleBees, Panera & Starbucks! Ok. might not sound like ground breaking news per say...in Upstate NY (where I am from originally) we have one of these plazas every half mile...but in QUEENS! no such thing! we are on a budget. but UNOs offers those great 1/2 appetizer menus for happy hr. ever since I ran past it I am craving!!!! Her boyfriend is coming into town so it will be an early night. Fine by me! Saturday I might meet up with Janel...she just moved to the Upper East Side & I am yet to see her apartment. Sunday I am working an extra long shift because of Father's Day. Ok by me. Momma & Dad are off to Cayman Islands Sunday anyway. (JERKS!) & I need the money...I plan on buying a couple new sundresses for my time with the hkyplayer up in Montreal next weekend!! YIPEE! I hope everyone enjoys the weekend & has the chance to have some special time for their Dad's! xx

heres a pic of Katie & I's Coney Island weekend last week! It was FREEZING...not a beach day. Our bikinis did not see the light of Day! But it was still fun to go & experience it. I Blackberry Googled the history of Coney Island & it dates back to the 1600's. Native American's were the first to name it Coney Island. Cool or what?..Our friend Alison took the shots. Needless to say, shes an amazing photographer...

my rules to live by

1. You get more with sugar
than you do with salt.
2. Treat others the way you would like to be treated
3. Do not compare your life to to others;
you have no idea what their journey is about.
4. Everything in Moderation.
5. I would rather have 5 quality friends
than 500 not so great friends.
6. Work Hard, Play Hard
7. Before you can be happy with some one else,
you have to be happy with yourself
8. Just about everyone is doing the best they can
9. Never 'save an outfit'.
Why not just wear it & look good today.
10. If we all threw our problems in a pile
and saw everyone else's,
we'd grab our own back.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diet? what diet?

mid-morning snack:
pop secret: butter
soup & salad..
mid-afternoon snack:
dr. pepper & Swedish Fish. (mmm....)

side note; what must my colleagues think?!?!!!!
date with the gym tonight? A MUST.
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
~ Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

how great is this pic. Soccer player Steven Gerard's wife Alex & her recession proof way of transporting luggage in the airport.
Ahh the life of a trophy wife...