Monday, July 27, 2009

hi guys. i am sorry i have been avoiding blogging like the plague. i choose to blame this on the fact that the longer you go without blogging the more you want your next blog to be really fantastic and announcing momentus news.
{{so much for that.}}
hkyplayer & I are currently in limbo. big time limbo. he has yet to signed for the 2010 season. for those of my followers *well technically..i may not have anyone following anymore cause i ignored you all so much, terrible girl i am*, that are unfamiliar with hockey--last year at this time he flew out for the 2009 season the first wk in August. So you can see why life is all jumbled. no decision has been made. The last we knew a team in Italy is interested. Hkyplayer asked if they pay for his equipment (it would be outrageous if they didnt because he is already taking a paycut)..if not Italy; he will return to a previous team located in Quebec. I loved the town where the team was located and our little place there. I am totally for either option. However. Quebec team was a fighting league and hkyplayer did get injured there. not so good. Bottom line; he has options. It is just very very weird because my life could change so much in the next week or so. I am just standing by on the sidelines cheering him on trying to be supportive & offering it up to God knowing we will end up Exactly Where We Should Be.

in the meantime, hkyplayer came to visit this past wknd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE!
of COURSE i was feeling under the weather..this hacking cough that is so unattractive and my eyes are all can tell i am running an empty tank. He did not mind when I woke him up all night long every night of the wknd- he rubbed my back, offered to get me water and gave me positive vibes. So cute. I am so blessed.

He got in LATE thursday night. We crashed. He wanted sandwiches. He is just like my father. Friday I called off work- was still sick, cold symptoms and did not sleep. We relaxed and went to brunch at a place I knew he would love. We sat outside and loved all the people watching and little dogs walking by. We then relaxed all Friday day because he knew I was zonked. Friday Night we got the idea to go to the Yankees game. I never, ever, ever thought I would make it to the game. Who would I go with? Arent the tickets expensive?! Well hkyplayer said lets do it! We went for a drink in the city prior to the game. I had a Bikini Martini- hit the spot. Hkyplayer ate wings...he has been craving wings for weeks.

We then took the train to Yankee Stadium. Hkyplayer walked by the first couple scalpers and I was thinking oh because they were too out in the open or something - some strategy...he usually has one..turns out it was simply because he was scared. too cute! We bought bleacher tix that ended up being in the FIRST ROW of the 200 level. GORGEOUS seats- beautiful weather, so much fun. We were on Cloud9. The only glitch- when I got there they hassled me about having my bag because it qualifies as a large purse. They do not allow 'large purses' in Yankee stadium... Ok folks..half of NYC carries large bags- Murses included. Get with it. I freaked when Security told me I would need to hand my bag off to the BOWLING ALLEY across the street?! WTF. Hkyplayer, as always, took over and handled the situation perfectly. We switched lines and I got in with out another mention of it. I got excited because the Yankees were playing the A's and Nomar Garciparra plays for the A's...he had come into my night job a couple wks ago. Hkyplayer showed me how Garciparra has this weird tic where he touches his bating gloves 4 times everytime he is up to bat. Too funny. ...We had such a great night.

Saturday Hkyplayer cooked me breakfast in bed. Egg white omlets & veggies in a breakfast wrap while ESPN blared on the tv...he makes me feel so at much more so in my own place..I loved my apartment when we were in it together..gosh I love him. Then we went to my gym and worked out FOREVER. Seriously. He showed me a bunch of new work outs that yes, I requested. But still. The kid is crazy. I will keep them up :) I am so sore today! Saturday night I cooked a great (pat myself on the back) chicken stir fry and we went into the city to meet up with a highschool BFF - Janel. She lives on 77 and 1st. I wanted hkyplayer to see her place & I knew she was a bit lonely as her long distance boyfriend was MIA. Janel, Hkyplayer & I went to my coworker and good friends bday. It was at some random place on the Lower East. We had a blast. Hkyplayer died laughing at my dance moves.

Sunday- I WORKED. I worked from 1:00-midnight. After I said goodbye to hkyplayer and cried many an elephant tear. Tonight I took off work from the night job. Im wiped out.

I will work the day job and then head home to relax...maybe a late night workout if I feel up to it..

Apologies for being so MIA...I will keep everyone posted on the pending hockey season decision. I need to remember that blogging can be therapeutic.
It helps to get everything out,
Look bk and smile
and see things that seemed so huge are really just trivial.

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