Thursday, July 16, 2009

i am alive & well

i am alive. i have been so MIA. i flew into syracuse last wk at this time. it was a great wknd celebrating my brothers graduation party. we worried for rain. it rained a bit in the morning & then held off until i was drying myself off from the hot tub..
food was great. wine better. loved helping Momma. she said, 'thank God I have a daughter.' it was great to hear. :)

i will say i have stepped away from the blog-atmosphere because i was not a happy camper post-family vacation. not easy to say goodbye. lotsa tears at the airport.
on a positive note, i have been re-vamping the apartment and making it a bit cozier and more efficient. something to keep me happy.

another positive, hockey player is meeting with 3 agents on Saturday. He is playing in a tournament called the
stanley keg. he has always played it and will play along NHL'ers and guys who play in Europe. he is meeting with the UK agent, Sweden and a QC agent from an old team he use to play on. FINGERS CROSSED.

[ he was suppose to come visit for the wknd but come on. this is major. maybe he will come next weekend instead ] the mean time. i am working friday & sunday. saturday i will occupy myself with friends..

i hope everyone is having a great week.
& please. please DO NOT go see bruno. no joke.

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