Monday, August 31, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Look @ hkyplayer...all important & stuff!! This article appears on his website (in French) here is the translated article below. No, I am not that cool. Thank Google.
p.s. his hair looks funny. it is a mohawk but looks weird in the pic.
then again, mohawks are weird. if only i could of intervened on the terribly weird olive green-on teal green situation.

Michael Novosad Back
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sherbrooke- A few hours of the news conference to announce the arrival of the new coaching staff of St. Francis de Sherbrooke, two other players reached agreement with management bringing the total to sixteen since the beginning Waltz of the signatures.

Michael Novosad back with St. Francis. He played in 2007-2008 where he amassed 20 points in 50 games. Former training, Niagara University in the NCAA, played in Tours, France last season.

speaking of weddings....
.my dream come true.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kara Goucher Makes Me Cry.
While watching last years NY City Marathon I was sobbing when she stepped off the Queensborough Bridge. She sprinted into her hometown onto the streets that ripped her father from her family years prior.

She is such a motivation. I am interested to see if she will be running in this yrs. marathon. Until then; Here is a pic and article of Kara's successes both off & on the beaten path.


Seriously though. I am head over heels in love some certain ppls blogs.
ie. Chic Runner, Pink Sass, Quite Contrary...etc.. I need to check them every morning after my early morning report is sent out.

Chic Runner is my idol in the running realm.
Because of her I bought my very first running belt. JUST NOW!!
I felt like such a cheeseball running in Central Park last night holding a water bottle.
Hopefully I will like my new running belt.
It also has a pouch which is muy bueno because I need my Company I.D. card to re-enter the building all sweaty and nast. post run. (Not annoying @ all).....
AND this is why I am a groupie. I got the belt online (luv online shopping! entertaining @ work, and when you get the pkg it is like fricking Christmas Day). But I got it off a site that Chic Runner recommends...Road Runners Sport. If you become a VIP member--$ then have FREE SHIPPING. Someone pinch me.

This is Chic Runner & her running belt-- I even think of her blogs I was running with $$ in my sports bra last night (to buy the said water bottle) and I was so worried it fell out...She once blogged about losing car keys MID RACE. My Goodness makes my palms sweaty just thinking about the possibility!! So hopefully I will luv my lil belt and never fear losing $/ID/Keys again!! I will let you know.

((Yes. She runs while taking pictures. WACKO. I am typically worried about breathing/running/thinking all at the same time without tumbiling down a hill.))

& HERE is my future running buddy... it is light pink. I know. Not typical moi. But! it will work. (Usually I like an UnderArmour-look to my running gear).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lil tidbit..hkyplayer called today to inform me he was off to buy new shin pads. apparently the shin pads that he has are 10 years old and are breaking by the knees. he is sad he has to get new ones because he has had them for so long. so i said wowie you have had them longer than you have had me............and he goes see!! i hold on to the things i love.
cute. right? minus the fact i keep thinking about how bad 10yr old hockey pads must smell....
oh. & he bought the car. its black. with tints. and huge wheels. he is not making his rap debut anytime soon.
on my end... just working and getting back to the groove of things. went away for a family weekend. cousin posted terrible pics of the fam. party. makes me hate what i was wearing. (annoying). last night i trained a new girl at the night job. she will do well i think.
next monday is my last day there. *hallelujah*
2 more hours then i am off for a run..hopefully long... in central park. xx

Thursday, August 20, 2009

hkyplayer's league this year. Lord help us!!!!

they are a fighting league. one of the guys in the video, Jean Francis, was hkyplayer's room mate in this league a couple of years prior. the boys would be bandaging up after a game while taking shots.

such a strange world i live in!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting news;
* i go home tomorrow night for a long wknd filled with family friends & Hkyplayer wooooo!
* i bought these really cute heels w bows on them (F21) and they are so COMFY
....i cannot find the pic. not available on F21 site anymore
* Syracuse Fball team is coming to Giants Stadium Sept 8th (my hometown team!yay!)
* Top Chef starts tonight. I luv T.C...even though it makes my stomach growl. for an hour.
* HkyPlayer is buying a new car. P.I.M.P.M.O.B.I.L.E. (wow that took a lot of energy to type).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

little list of 10 things that make me terribly happy:
1. my clean, uncluttered little studio
2. waking up @ my parents house

3. the smell of library books
4. eyes that change color
5. my boyfriends laughter

6. memories of our apartment in france
7. my dogs greying beard
8. foam in my lattee
9. soft sugar cookies

10. snail mail
everyone send me a lil courage today plz!! big day ahead!!

hope everyone is having a good tuesday. my lack of morning runs are being blamed on the heat. why is it so much easier to get up and run when it is cold out?? @ least for me anyway. it shocks you awake, you can throw baggy warm clothes on over your pjs..and no one else is around because it is too cold. how perfect.

i am sure i will be using the cold as an excuse for lack of morning runs in a couple months...but september get here fast! i have missed you so.

Monday, August 17, 2009

pics from our last season in sherbrooke.....

((the backyard))

((the house...(maison) if you will))

HKYPlayer a Saint? Oxymoron...

The hkyplayer has signed. this morning he officially signed for the 2009-2010 season with a team, St. Francis Saints, Sherbrooke, Q.C.
A press conference will be taking place this evening announcing he has signed, it will be a suprise to everyone. he was a 'fan favorite' as he played their his first season after we graduated. when i was in the stands a lot of fans approached me asking if he liked it there etc. he is from Montreal, so he is kind of a 'home town boy'.

(Sherbrooke is NORTH of Montreal. By North I mean in the mountains, you will not hear a lick of English, and they shut down roads in the winter because of snow)...oh and when we use to drive back from games he would have ME be on the look out for moose. Yes. Moose crossing, like the Abercrombie & Fitch moose but less cute.

so needless to say; he will be LIGHT YEARS away from NYC. seriously, he mine as well be in Europe. & speaking of, when we were in France for 3 months I had to keep reminding myself I was not in Sherbrooke, and was in fact in the real deal- Southern France. THAT is how much French we are talking about. When I would go shopping, to get coffee, in the stands etc..NO ENGLISH. they are shocked and whip around when they would hear me speak, thinking what is this strange girl doing in this place. That's me. The strange girl.

Yep. They are right. Strange girl = weird American girl with college degree, PR professional, NYC inhabitant who follows her boyfriend to all the ends of the earth to support his career; that just so happens to be a professional athlete.
More to come on how this new life changing decision will alter the future...

In the meantime... 4 Shifts left at the night job. Seriously I could fricking jump up and down right now. I am bringing my Mom's-friends-daughter to interview for my position next Monday. Hopefully everyone will like each other! She is one of those, 'I must live in NYC girls', and moved down here with no job. This might be a good fit for her.

This past weekend I shopped, a lot. New shoes, vintage sundress/belt, 2 skirts... la la la...What?! Hkyplayer's birthday celebration is this upcoming wknd?!! WOOPSIES. I thought that meant I get a new weekend wardrobe. :) :)

Until then, I will be shopping for classy winter-wear for cold hockey rinks and autumn Northern Quebec weekend excursions....

Friday, August 14, 2009

so do not fear, for i am with you;
do not be dismayed, for i am your God.
i will strengthen you & help you.
i will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
isaiah 41:10

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i am here in the city this wknd. mainly friendless- with Katie moving, J. on a cruise, etc.

i plan on birthday shopping; hkyplayer & brother,

& checking out the highline.

saturday is suppose to be beautiful. i plan on taking full advantage.

tonight i am meeting up with Katie and she is completing the transition from NYC to DC this week/weekend. we will be meeting @ Hooters off Broadway. She brought me there, grudgingly the very first day I started with our company. it is a tradition one might say.

I am going to miss her dearly. A coworker, friend, and confidant. I KNOW I would of not lasted this long in NYC without her by my side. This place is cut-throat. She also pushed me in the right direction for France. I cant wait to see where each others lives take us. We are both on the verge of big things. : )

happy thursday,
kt marie.


i am down right SHOCKED you all did not inform me about Tracy Firth's line at Target.
YOU know I love girly clothing.
YOU know I love being a thrifty shopper.
YOU know I love shopping online.

Of COURSE, every other girl in America luvs the line. The only thing I can find of the line on the website are bathing suit bottoms (with bows). adorable.

NOW HOW do I miss this! Where is the PR for Target I ask!?! I have seen your Mother-focused commercials on how 'Julie has faith Target will keep her kids un-sunburned' blah blah. WHERE were your commercials for 20-something girls who love frocks. girly girl sundresses & are at a loss for what to wear to their Grandfathers 80th Bday that may or may not be taking place nxt wknd.

Really. I am taking this personally.

(lets all pretend we do not recognize Ali from The City).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

finally some info. i can share!

i gave notice at the night job. it was so hard to do.

its hard to walk away from anything i think is difficult, it means your path is uncertain. my last day there is august 31st. the final straw was trying to make it from 34th St (Penn Station) to w56 (the restaurant location), 90degree weather, during the Dominician Republic Parade. word's dont explain. MAJOR breakdown... had to have a police escort. like..seriously?? a girl needs to relax on a sunday. i am not leaving them totally hanging, my mom's friend/coworkers daughter may take over, i will be training her and they have to make sure they like her too.

i will then have my sundays back and monday evenings. fab.

in the meantime, you will find me shopping for hkyplayer's birthday, working out, and listening to iron & wine.

most of you may recall their song from twilight: flightless bird, american mouth...ahh the countdown til new moon :) :)

more news to come. pinky promise.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i am avoiding blogging all together because i have learned the lesson well.
do not want to mis-speak and be caught up in some whole controversy..more to come later..i pinky promise.

things i can discuss....

Today is my first day in the office without Katie. BOO. it is so weird. let me tell you. We normally would be siked to use our Tim Hortons coupon and go and get some free iced coffees on our lunch break. She will be Missed. Even though she is on to bigger n better--- Nursing School in D.C., read all about her changes on her hilarious blog........
- Findings & Adventures in the Life of Katie Dinterman

Next Monday, August 17 is Hkyplayer's birthday. Big 2-6. yikes!! I plan on getting him new cologne and replacement Oakleys for his pair that got thrown in a lake this summer :)

I know he wants both and will never get around to making the purchases. He is planning on visiting my family & I the weekend after for some family partys and to golf with my Dad.

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i just happend to be walking by STEVE on the way back from a pedicure...they were on sale...more than the site! For the "Fall Preview"

It is a match made in heaven.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just kidding.

I want these instead.

fall IS right around the corner..... :)

has anyone tried under armour sneakers?? i am currently running in NIKES..I know I know, breaking a cardinal rule. previously I had MIZUNOS- Loved..but not the cutest pair of sneaks.

THESE sneakers are so DANG cute. I am normally not a pink girl..but I love these...

Does anyone have a good product review?! I Googled and didn't get any decent feedback.
I am just scared because I have never heard anything about UnderArmour shoes 1 way or the other..I have U.A. shorts, headbands and t-shirts....undecided...