Wednesday, August 12, 2009

finally some info. i can share!

i gave notice at the night job. it was so hard to do.

its hard to walk away from anything i think is difficult, it means your path is uncertain. my last day there is august 31st. the final straw was trying to make it from 34th St (Penn Station) to w56 (the restaurant location), 90degree weather, during the Dominician Republic Parade. word's dont explain. MAJOR breakdown... had to have a police escort. like..seriously?? a girl needs to relax on a sunday. i am not leaving them totally hanging, my mom's friend/coworkers daughter may take over, i will be training her and they have to make sure they like her too.

i will then have my sundays back and monday evenings. fab.

in the meantime, you will find me shopping for hkyplayer's birthday, working out, and listening to iron & wine.

most of you may recall their song from twilight: flightless bird, american mouth...ahh the countdown til new moon :) :)

more news to come. pinky promise.

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