Monday, August 10, 2009

i am avoiding blogging all together because i have learned the lesson well.
do not want to mis-speak and be caught up in some whole controversy..more to come later..i pinky promise.

things i can discuss....

Today is my first day in the office without Katie. BOO. it is so weird. let me tell you. We normally would be siked to use our Tim Hortons coupon and go and get some free iced coffees on our lunch break. She will be Missed. Even though she is on to bigger n better--- Nursing School in D.C., read all about her changes on her hilarious blog........
- Findings & Adventures in the Life of Katie Dinterman

Next Monday, August 17 is Hkyplayer's birthday. Big 2-6. yikes!! I plan on getting him new cologne and replacement Oakleys for his pair that got thrown in a lake this summer :)

I know he wants both and will never get around to making the purchases. He is planning on visiting my family & I the weekend after for some family partys and to golf with my Dad.

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday.

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