Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting news;
* i go home tomorrow night for a long wknd filled with family friends & Hkyplayer wooooo!
* i bought these really cute heels w bows on them (F21) and they are so COMFY
....i cannot find the pic. not available on F21 site anymore
* Syracuse Fball team is coming to Giants Stadium Sept 8th (my hometown team!yay!)
* Top Chef starts tonight. I luv T.C...even though it makes my stomach growl. for an hour.
* HkyPlayer is buying a new car. P.I.M.P.M.O.B.I.L.E. (wow that took a lot of energy to type).

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Chic Runner said...

ha ha nice for the bf to get a new car, and I just got new cute shoes from f21 too! Love that store. we are seriously two peas in a pod!