Thursday, May 28, 2009

back from vacation--

good morning. happy thursday!
back from vacation. i went up to montreal to visit the hkyplayer. it was the PERFECT vacation. we spent a lot of time in his backyard by the pool. BBQing good food and he had fires going in the fire pit. it was very relaxing. hkyplayer cannot believe how much i sleep...anytime we are relaxing i would nod off on his chest. i have 2 theories about this...
1. i am not 'fully' relaxed until we are together. it is then when i sleep HARD. we are talking heavy dreams, lines on the face sleep.
2. i was catching up on all the sleep i miss out in NYC with the 2 jobs and busy life.
i believe in both excuses. :) but needless to say, we were really content with laying low and proud of ourselves. typically when i would go up there we would be in the montreal clubs every night. they are a lot of fun & we do enjoy the night life..but we both are at a point now where we would rather save some $ and relax. enjoy our families and friends over a camp fire vs. yelling over club music. his mom gave me these really cute candles from IKEA that hang, a lil housewarming gift for my new place..but i will love them forever! so sweet of her. i couldnt think of what to bring them, so instead i picked up 'American' beer for his dad and some wine for his mom...keeps everyone happy!

we did go out to dinner one night w/ 2 other couples (one we are friends, the other couple were new aquiantances). and had a great time. it was 22$ per person for appetizer and meal.. but w the boys shots, and us girls and our expensive wine/dessert n coffee.. things sure did add up! but again, we thought, its nice to do now and again but it is not our cup of tea for say a wknd basis.

we went to his grandparents, who are from Scotland, and we had some good laughs and yummy 7 layer taco dip. we sat out on their back porch in the sun and their lilac bushes were in bloom. one of my favorite flowers.. so i was a happy girl. hkyplayer was of course holed up in the house watching a hockey game. ha!
it was an amazing trip. the only bittersweet part was being together and then having to say our goodbyes. again. this has been 5 yrs. lots of summer trips. lots of long distance. it is hard on a girl. hkyplayer promises that the end is near. we will not have to be long distance forever. this makes me get butterflies in my belly because i want our relationship to go to the next level. more than i ever ever thoughti would. just a couple of months ago i was telling him how we are still so young and an engagement would be so look..i daydream of being his hkyplayer also said he wants me to go with him to Europe earlier than last year.. last year i went in January. Our goal this year is November/December (my goal is to celebrate Christmas together!) usually because of his season we are apart and have never woken up on Christmas morning together. The only glitch- work for me abroad. and subletting my apartment. we shall see...
nothing planned for this wknd. the following wknd i am flying Upstate. hkyplayer might meet me. yay!! and BFF..worlds greats hometown friends..J.H. & K.N. will be there too (they both live in our hometown). not to mention the hot tub and my parents boat! my brothers. and my dog!! heaven on earth.
crumbs cupcake is giving away free cupcakes downstairs in my building. eek. way to sabatosh our bikini bodies folks!!! update you all soon. xx.

Monday, May 18, 2009

monday monday.

i am not going to complain about how terrible this monday is.
1.) i just housed a HUGE cupcake from
CRUMBS cupcake - now in my building! dangerous!! (i ate a cupcake called- the good guy- so i got to say, i really want a good guy)
2.) my vacation begins on wednesday!! up to Montreal to visit the hkyplayer & family!!
3.) tonight, after my night job, i will be a very,very happy girl...i then get my "me time" that i cherish so go to the gym, tanning (sorry Momma)...

hkyplayer is on his way back from Boston - wknd trip with the prep school boys. one of his friend's girlfriend was in the city on Friday (see me previous blog). met her for food and many, many drinks. good night had by all. although i think i blabbed about hkyplayer and I too much..turns out her and her bf are not so hot :\...the boys certainly had a good time..very few sober moments it seems. Momma calls these types of wknds, 'reindeer games'..they never do grow up do they!?! same wknd my Dad was in Myrtle Beach for a golfing trip with high school best friends...needless to say...i am absolutely certain i will end up with my father..

& tuesday xx.

Friday, May 15, 2009

finally fridaaay

yay! as you can see (hopefully!! i hope i didnt lose any viewers as my html has completely changed), i have revamped. spring cleaning if you will. i just didnt love my last blog set up. it is still a work in progess but still..better than that mess. yick.

happy friday= coworkers birthday aka cupcakes!! and then to cancel out the new workout pants came today! from road runners sports online . i had them to delivered to my office due to the recent unsafe status of my apartment....scroll down the posts... : [...but i digress, the pants are perfect!!!! just what i was looking for. thank God for chic runner! they were the right size (i ordered a small per the comments under the product on the site..they are stretchy and so you want them to be tight..i hate yanking at clothes while running, isnt working out hard enought!!). so saturday i will be so excited to throw them on. yippeeeee!!!! i am also excited to bring them up to montreal on vacation. P*Daisy (hkyplayers Momma) is a work out instructor and we are always sharing tips on cute work out clothes.. Score!!

tonight i am going shopping with co-worker Katie. we are going to a running store & forever21. my goal is to buy cute dresses and flowy-summery tanks for montreal vaca that can also be worn at the office! think, flowery silky guaze dress with a blazer thrown on top... we shall see how good everything is stocked. its always touch n go there. Kate also has a bunch of really good gift cards we may use for dinner! fun!!

hkyplayers prepschool friends girlfriend *jenny* will be here visiting with her friend. hopefully i will get to see her too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

the definition of an amateur runner

morning blog world.
my coworker & fellow katie (who also happens to have her own INSANELY FUNNY blog) were discussing our love for running focused blogs. katie and i both go on runs about 4 x a week, depending on how busy our work schedules are. but we still do not think we are cool, or buff, enough to have blogs strictly for running. i applaud the girls who blog their daily run times and distances. bravo. mine are far too minimal and non-impressive to include on a daily basis. i am inspired and surrounded by different categories of are some of the runners in my lives (in no particular order) who inspire me!

lil background info...when i was younger i was a competitive gymnast. quite the athlete. i had a 6 where did that go?!. whole lotta use it was to me then. but anyway, i knew early i like to work out more than the average person, far less then a marathon runner. i partook in organized sports until i graduated high school. as the freshman 15 crept up faster than i ever coule expect..i knew i need to get moving...and here we are.

Katie: she makes an effort to join races in D.C. and N.Y. & for that she gets a whole lotta pts in my book. running in a race setting is completely different then a light jog. she has a running belt and a garmin. tomorrow we are going to a running store together and i am sure she will totally pimp my running uniform out and therefore, inspire me to get my butt moving! she also is a member of the NY runners club- and keeps me up to date on upcoming runs through Central Park.

Steph: a college my bff & running partner-- we happened to run at the same pace, keep in mind i am 5'8" and she is like what...5'2" she was hauling! but we enjoyed ourselves and really got bit by the running bug together. without organized sports in our lives we needed SOME outlet to burn frustration and calories from late night college drinking/eating. :)..

AliJ: the hkyplayer's sister & my very good friend. she has ALWAYS been a dedicated runner since i have known her. she runs in the freezing cold canadian winters and in the sweltering heat of montreal summers. she has completed her first marathon. she counts calories, doesn't take days off, and really follows the mantra, "your body is a temple, train accordingly". she is a huge all of us who choose reality tv over a 15 mile run...any day...

fellow bloggers: chic runner & danielle runs. i love hearing about your racing experiences. shuddering about the painful side effects and laughing when i know EXACTLY where your coming from. ie. danielle's post about gagging over fast good smells mid-race on a busy street. been there. smelled that. no thank yooou. chic runner- taught me about this running website. nothing like new snazzy gear to get excited about hitting the pavement.

thank you to you all for getting my butt in gear...i will be poolside in montreal before i know it (eek!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

holding these proverbs close to me today. x

"trust in the Lord with all your heart, & lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight" 3:5-6
"commit to the Lord whatever you do, & your plans will succeed" 16:3

& not sure what passage this is. but i keep it in my blackberry under 'notes'. i refer to it whenever i need to. :) it gives me strength in busy NYC to push on :) "be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your GOD goes with you, he will never leave you or forsake you" - this was particularly helpful after my apartment was broken into.

lastly, here is a picture from our trip to Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral. the hkyplayer is not confirmed and has long stated he is for the "golden rules" but is not Catholic nor religious. He does not attend church...unless my family makes him. However, we were both blown away by the Cathedral and the vast number of paintings of the Crucifixion and Mary in the Louvre..such a long history.
In France the hkyplayer began asking where my confidence comes from about religion and how I am so sure. Basically, for proof. I know he needed some 'science-based' answers. We spoke about stigmata and the bleeding tears of Catholic statues. I told him my personal anecodote..when visiting Momma's parents in Florida- the image of Mary appeared on a bank. Scientists tested and tested but could not explain any reason on how the image appeared. It had a look of the rainbow prism, every color accounted for and outlining the famous image. I was probably 12. But I still remember this huge glass building in front of me. If you Google..the pic still will come up. I choose not to post it because these are just my anecodotes. I do not mean to preach.
Hkyplayer then asked how my Momma would take questions if he confided in her. *She was my religion teacher, an avid church volunteer, and my mentor when it comes to religion. Of course- she would love discussing with him and was thrilled he was open to it all, but I digress, the following morning, I did a quick search of stigmata pics in case he wanted to see them. I waited for him to ask me. He did..and of course, he was blown away. Regardless, hkyplayer follows the Commandments without even knowing them by heart. He treats others the way he would like to be treated, looks for the good in others and is the most trust worthy, compassionate man. I will get married in a Catholic church, I will continue to expand my religious path and will raise my children in the Catholic church. I hope that I can help provide some education if he wants it. But I love him just the way he is! Hkyplayer's parents sure did a fantastic job with my boy. Cannot wait to see them all on May 21st.

Happy Wednesday. xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

celebrating tuesday workouts. :)

hiii! quizzes are not real posts.
every tuesday i wake up ecstatic for my day. i work at the night job on sunday & monday so tuesday-is my first 'me day' of the week. i am going to the gym directly after work and i am SIKED! Add Imagei bought new headphones at Apple for runners. $30..just to find them on RunnersWorld online for $8. rats! gotta hunt down that receipt. another reason for the tanning & the gym :x dont tell my Momma. today we had a co. (catered) staff meeting....gotta go burn off THREE sugar cookies. Yes. Three. sick. for dinner i will make something my body will thank me for i promise..tuna. no mayo. for some after workout protein. i may even drink soy milk instead of wine. i only have white wine so really not a big sacrifice there. i believe in a lil bit of everything and for cheating every day on the diet some how or another..either with alcohol or a sweet treat. life is too short. and when i try to limit myself i over-indulge. i am not a genius. but it works for me. it is a mathmatical formula in my head. how many calories in, how many are your burning.

...i am trying to think of a pic to slap on this blog. i hate when blogs have no pics and i love when they have a looot of pics. i guess i am visual. i dont want to read essays so to speak of people's day. i need images folks. so i will return the favor. here is a pic of the walk to my gym!! i always want to stop at this lil market (just produce!) but never carry cash and it seems like the migrant workers who picked the produce this morning are the same ones on register. :) least thats what i tell myself!!! enjoy your evenings....

.k.m.n. x

pop quiz.

i have been obsessed with these quizzes since I was what- 13 years old. but i am bringing them back a.) to keep the ball rolling b.) to help familiarize my blog-viewers with moi.
welcome. and enjoy!! :)

CURRENT OBSESSION- new workout clothes! shopping online for upcoming vacation, and the new housewives of NJ premire tonight! TRASH TV @ it's finest.
WEIRDEST OBSESSION-Salads with cranberrys and pine nuts
WEARING TODAY- Target poka-dot dress, blk & gold belt & trusty black tights
FAVORITE COMFORT FOOD- good coffee, fountain soda & swedish fish
LAST THING YOU BOUGHT- New running tights to inspire longer workouts :)
LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW - Band of Horses, "No Ones Gonna Love You" on repeat.
FAVORITE WEATHER- Summer Days with minimial humidity
MOST CHALLENGING THING RIGHT NOW- missing my hkyplayer & working lots.
ANYWHERE TO LIVE- give me fun in the sun and my toes in the sand and I'm a happy girl.
WANT IN YOUR HANDS RIGHT NOW - the hkyplayer!!:) & lotsa $$$
LIKE TO GET RID OF- negative energy. jealousy.
ANYWHERE FOR AN HOUR- Montreal, watch episodes of LOST & nap on his shoulder
LANGUAGE TO LEARN- See above! FRENCH. necessary!!
MEET IN PERSON- the hkyplayer's sister, Ali J. She is far far away
FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC- All. But indie-girly music
DREAM JOB- I am pretty close to living it.
$100 TO SPEND ON - Sundresses! will be this wknd!!
PET-PEEVE- Sneezing, sniffiling, licking fingers & bragging. eek eek eek.
WHO DO YOU ADMIRE- My Momma. She is the greatest. Raised 3 kids. Worked all the way through and is such a great partner to my Dad.
PERSONAL STYLE- Classic. Girly/Preppy

Monday, May 11, 2009

positive vibes.

ordering running attire online. it is well deserved. and positive shopping.

per Danielle Runs (wow it brightened my day!) i enjoy outdoor running ALWAYS. but now have become more of an indoor runner.... but thank you Danielle for being so inspiring...blisters and all! bought these lil guys today- cannot wait for them to come!! perfect for summer!!

hopefully before my upcoming vaca in Montreal. hkyplayer's momma (P*Daisy) is an aerobics instructor. so love to impress her with my cute hang out/work out attire. :)

lock it up!

i have been dreading writing this blog for a couple days now. but life goes on. maybe it will be a lesson to all the girls out there in their little studios... i will try to make this minimally depressing. i live in a studio apartment. it is pre-war, with a new bathroom & kitchen. aka. it is perfect. i live alone. and enjoy every minute of it. i like learning how to be on my own.... with this in mind..

i came home thursday evening from a long day spent at work and then a nice workout at the gym. *i had been gone from 7:30 am- 10:00 pm. .....needless to say, my door was wide open. i peered in and sure enough, the place was torn apart..but done so in a meticulous way. ie. all my receipts put on piles, pictures in piles, and here is the kicker, my jewelry (which is always tangled up), was laid out perfectly on my futon....

i called my Mom, the cops and Janel *bff who lives close by. the cops came, about an hour later. they were incredibly good looking, go figure. and proceeded to hit on my bff janel & i. perfect right?!!?! come oN! find the criminals. take fingerprints! but once they heard electronics were safe (my laptop and tv) they were pretty much over the whole investigation portion.

we discovered the losers took every prescription i own, and OTC drugs. ie. cough syrup, lactate medicine.. (weird?!) and my digital camera. i had pictures from france on that fricking camera. never printed them out. so now i will have to see if i can order them online? ohh the frustration. on a positive note. i sleep soundly. and i still do love my place. but really. i am bitter.
my landlord installed all new keys and locks. and bars inside the windows. Mom & Dad want to install ADT security but we shall see. basically, it just makes me think more or less, why do i choose to be independent when i could be living with the hkyplayer and basically having my own body guard. but i do know this time is important, it allows me to be thankful for when he and i are together..and when i am folding clothes and wiping dirty noses i will know i did it once by myself..& family & love beats out being alone and doing things your way. BY FAR. so Europe here we come..last year I went in January.. the hkyplayer takes flight August 1. I wonder how long i will last in the states....
here is a picture from france, that was taken with the camera (RIP) :)
on to bigger & better things.

Friday, May 8, 2009

isaiah 41:10 do not fear, for i am with you, do not be dismayed for i am your God. i will strenthen you & help you; i will uphold you with my righteous right hand'....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quizzes, Quizzes, Quizzes...

... It is another rainy day. So here is my early morning post. Well kind of a post..

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
Memorial Day weekend poolside in Montreal
Boating and Family the first wknd in June
Youngest Bro's High School Graduation
Knowing where the hkyplayer will be this season
The weekend!!
Sunshine, it has rained for about a week straight now
Sushi date with Janel, long over due
Shopping for upcoming wknd trips

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Went to the Apple store on 5th Ave.
Actually left the building for lunch, Qdoba with Kate
Slept thru my alarm clock
Went to the gym
Watched bad MTV
Against my better judgement, walked home from the gym
Read the latest issue of Esquire, as torture, because Megan Fox was on the cover
Cooked turkey meatballs for Dinner

8 Things I Wish I Could do:
Speak French
Cook every single night
Be in 3 places at once
Get through the morning without coffee
Run for an hour on the treadmill
Go into stores without buying a thing
Have a pet

8 Shows I Watch:
Real Housewives of NYC
Jon & Kate Plus 8
Good Morning America
Keeping Up With the Kardashains
E! News
American Idol (the hky player and his team mates sucked me in)
Rachel Ray
if I am home: The View

8 Favorite Fruits:

8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
Somewhere tropical with the hkyplayer
British Columbia to visit the hkyplayer's sister
Montreal *yay 2 weeks!!
Washington DC to be with the college bff
Cape Cod, relive childhood memories
Australia (minus the flight because I could telaporte :) )

8 Places I’ve Lived:
Niagara Falls
- Covered Bridge Apts.
- Blackwood Drive
- Zodiac Circle

Quiz Time...
1) Are you currently in a serious relationship? Yes
2) What was your dream growing up? The Happily Ever After ending
03) What talent do you wish you had? Anything musical. I have Zero talent in that department
04) If I bought you a drink what would it be? French wine
05) Favorite vegetable? Cucumbers. (pickels!)
06) What was the last book you read? Breaking Dawn
07) What zodiac sign are you? Scorpio
08) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where. Pleading the 5th
09) Worst Habit? Ruining a manicure, wanting sweets after a meal
10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? No. especially because I am in the city aka, no car!
11) What is your favorite sport? Hockey :)
12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude? Optimistic!
13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? SPAZ. and call 911
14) Worst thing to ever happen to you? I don't believe it has happened yet. Nothing to complain about!
15) Tell me one weird fact about you. I read my horoscope every morning, as well as close friends and family, txt them when I think they might be relevant
16) Do you have any pets? Family dog, Lefty. I miss you!!
17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly? I would be shocked. Just moved and not too many people know the new place just yet. But if I liked you Id offer wine and some good reality tv.
18) Do you think clowns are cute or scary? Scary. always have.
20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? Oh the list I could write. Just 'tightening' :)
21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience? I can be both
22) What color eyes do you have? Green
23) Ever been arrested? No
24) Bottle or can soda? Fountain is the best
25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it? Pay off debt! And college loans and then vacation with the hkyplayer before he is off to Europe.
27) What's your favorite place to hang out? in front of a movie on the couch with the hkyplayer, on my parents boat, with my best girlfriends
28) Do you believe in ghosts? ...only the good ones.
29) Favorite thing to do in your spare time? relax, as spare time is rare, shop, good meals with my bffs
30) Do you swear a lot? No
31) Biggest pet peeve? sniffiling, people licking their fingers
32) In one word, how would you describe yourself? Considerate
33) Do you believe/appreciate romance? I appreciate AND believe.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesday whoa is me's...

i woke up to the sound of my neighbors shuffling around. this might not seem like any big news ... but here is the thing. i have never heard them before. not once. oh wait!! maybe because i woke up when i typically am already in commute to work.. turned off the alarm mid-dream and next thing i know, an hour has passed. so throw the hair and a bun and all black outfit. go. i tried to remain positive until i realized, the subway cut off one of my favorite part of the mornings. i just love how the pre-recorded woman's voice says 7th avenue. it is a highlight of mine. for some reason, today it was cut off. me being me, i superstitiously thought- ut oh today is not going to be a bright spot in my life... another superstition, i thought wednesday will be a nothing-day because thursday is going to be chaotic. oh right. jinx yourself why don't you.

@ the office i was informed that no, my vacation will not be allowed. this vaca. was requested over a month ago. it is over memorial day, up to montreal to see the hkyplayer and his lovely family. the family i have not seen since July 2008. not because i am a terrible gf, but because the hkyplayer is abroad, MIA, gone, absent, etc. August 1- April 1. my poor 'MIL' had been waiting for this trip for ages, just yesterday she told me, while I was in Duane Reed buying trail mix, 'i cannot wait until my house is full again.' welp there goes that. hky player has no idea the trip was cancelled, sleeps in until at least company does tend to cancel my wknds, holidays and vacas...nothing new here. nature of the beast.

tomorrow is my year review, 3 months past due. i WILL bring up the vacation. and i WILL bring up all of the holidays i DID work....more to come...reminisce...

now counting down until a possible early happy hour at lunch. yes please.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

King of Queens (?!!).

see! toldya- more updates. here we go.
SIKED for the season finale of RHONYC. you know, real housewives of new york city. the girls in the office all love bethenny. last episode she won me over. i am over the countess. mainly because she called her daughter's hands paws. yeesh. the co-workin' gfs say they are going to a Betheny book signing tonight in the city..but all the rain puts a damper on things..
LOOKING FORWARD to doing laundry. well anxious. very first time i am doing laundry in the public realm. eek. some how or another i always got away with having washer n dryers 'in house'. even in france we did. I enjoy laundry. scratch that. i enjoy all parts minus the putting away. i am brainstorming better storage possibilites as we speak aka as i type.
LATEST & GREATEST King of Queens ?!!... Middle Bro. called. He asked if he can stay w. me this summer, possible engineering co-op in the city. First I txt fwd the txt to Momma. She is in Chicago at a work convention so until later on her thoughts, and then I called hkyplayer. He is for it. and said, just as long as Middle Bro knows, this is my life. Your here. No Judging. And go with the flow. Basically, I am a work-aholic that likes my fair share of wine on the wknds... then I started thinking...I DO have a free guest pass per day @ my gym, he is like me, needs a daily workout to be sane. and I DO have a new futon.... and wow. my bro. he is good stuff.
This is the Middle Bro in a nutshell.
He is Smart: Mechnical Engineering Major
He is Sentimental: He txts about our parents gifts weeks if not months before and ALWAYS comes through with great ideas for a good price. I love getting gifts from him.
He is Handsome: Turns heads. I hate to admit it, people always thinking we are dating. Yeesh. Older woman, ie. grandmas and my moms friends hit on him. He is just charming.
Bottom line: In some ways we are the same, in others, so different. Youngest Bro balances us all out perfectly. But I am looking forward to spending time together. How fun. AND random!

bloggin' about bloggin'

there are a million things going on right now. but instead i wanna take a moment & let everyone know where this blog is headed. i started following my first blog Chitlins & Camembert last winter. yes, i work in PR, but typically not in the consumer-friendly side. but for some reason or another i was researching mommy blogs. & BAM here pops up Amy's site. it was the SAME wk. my company informed me they would allow me to work remotely from Tours, France while the hkyplayer ..well duh...played professional hky. he had moved there august 1st....i was not arriving until january 15th. this was long over due. SIX MONTHS. a part.

Amy is fabulous. in a nutshell. AND my mentor. here she is. socially awkward amongst the french woman, raising two gorgeous children in the french countryside. i would read her blog several times a day before departing for france as a reminder that 1.) i can be American and be o.k. in france. 2.) my Lord it is not easy to raise children--let alone while teaching them 2 Languages... it was the first time I ever brainstormed this.

(I should back up)

The hkyplayer & I met in college, he is from Montreal Q.C. originally. So French has always been a part of our lives. No, I do not speak a lick of it. Yes, I have tried. We have been together for 5 yrs. and i do pick up things here and there. Ok back on task, Chitlins & Camembert provided me with confidence and entertainment. it allowed me to visualize myself emersed in the French culture while staying close to my roots. (Amy did the whole NYC living thing prior to France too.)...HE works in mysterious ways doesnt he?! All this from a google search in the workplace...Ok. so anyway. My life is not normal. Long distance is not easy. NYC living is not easy. Paying $1100 a month for your very own studio (yay!) not easy. Being away from your family (Mom, Dad & 2 Amazing Bro's + Lefty *dog) is not easy. But blogging about it helps. And hearing other stories helps.

I just love blogs about new mommy's, newlywed's. I live vicariously thru you all, for I pray each day the hkyplayer & i will get to share those life moments together. I look forward to hearing about all your funny anecdotes and sharing my own. x

download of the day: City, Sara Bareillas

Monday, May 4, 2009

taking a big bite out of the big apple. again.

hi all. wow.
so the whole french countryside blogging did not go as planned. to say the least. but in my defense, my PR co. offered to have me work part time from our lil apartment. and part time shortly changed to full time. next thing i knew i was a full time PR associate, trophy wife and maid. in that exact order. another reason for my non-blogging blog...the hockey player & i were obsessed. any free time was spent together. honeymoon phase. and second, after long hours on my crummy laptop the last thing i wanted was to be online typing away about random french tidbits.
we had an amazing time.
- GREAT Weather
- I got to go on runs DAILY. (aka I was balanced).
- Work went well.
- I LOVED our lil apartment.
- met some great girl friends.
- he played VERY well & was injury free...come to think of klutz tendencies caused me to be the more injured of the 2..shocking.. i know...
- he & I got in ONE (basically) Paris...the most romantic city?! I think is not my thang. grey. not a lota culture. but thats just me. maybe some day i will be in luv. so far montreal still has a strong hold on my the genre of favorite all time cities.. says the girl who lives in NYC.
- & the whole thing solidified hey..we like each other STILL. after 5 yrs and off and on the long distance..we are still going strong. For the next chapter, I am back in NYC...after glancing over my previous blogs, who would of thunk'it. but I am doing it.
* New apartment :) :) this charming pre-war studio in Astoria. (will update pics)!
* New job, Night job that is, hostess at Uncle Jacks, a very Uptown (Midtown) Steak House in the City... drains the life out of me but takes away the guilt of over-spending on the weekends. is that whole saying of hitting yourself with a hammer (?!) because it feels so good when you stop... my life is complete shit Sunday & Monday..but Tuesday morning feels like Christmas morning every week. Because that is when I only work 1 job. :) we shall see how long this lasts.
* New work out regiment (a very lax program currently..yeesh)...I now belong to a gym, quite different from my morning runs by my lil French countryside lake. It is a young gym. It is a busy gym. It has fat mirrors. again... lets see how this goes....
There is so much to write. I must save info for future blogs. But I am back on board. If even ONE person gets the joy out of the blogs I read daily..then I am a happy girl.
Gbyes for Now.. Back Shortly I PROMISE! xx