Thursday, May 14, 2009

the definition of an amateur runner

morning blog world.
my coworker & fellow katie (who also happens to have her own INSANELY FUNNY blog) were discussing our love for running focused blogs. katie and i both go on runs about 4 x a week, depending on how busy our work schedules are. but we still do not think we are cool, or buff, enough to have blogs strictly for running. i applaud the girls who blog their daily run times and distances. bravo. mine are far too minimal and non-impressive to include on a daily basis. i am inspired and surrounded by different categories of are some of the runners in my lives (in no particular order) who inspire me!

lil background info...when i was younger i was a competitive gymnast. quite the athlete. i had a 6 where did that go?!. whole lotta use it was to me then. but anyway, i knew early i like to work out more than the average person, far less then a marathon runner. i partook in organized sports until i graduated high school. as the freshman 15 crept up faster than i ever coule expect..i knew i need to get moving...and here we are.

Katie: she makes an effort to join races in D.C. and N.Y. & for that she gets a whole lotta pts in my book. running in a race setting is completely different then a light jog. she has a running belt and a garmin. tomorrow we are going to a running store together and i am sure she will totally pimp my running uniform out and therefore, inspire me to get my butt moving! she also is a member of the NY runners club- and keeps me up to date on upcoming runs through Central Park.

Steph: a college my bff & running partner-- we happened to run at the same pace, keep in mind i am 5'8" and she is like what...5'2" she was hauling! but we enjoyed ourselves and really got bit by the running bug together. without organized sports in our lives we needed SOME outlet to burn frustration and calories from late night college drinking/eating. :)..

AliJ: the hkyplayer's sister & my very good friend. she has ALWAYS been a dedicated runner since i have known her. she runs in the freezing cold canadian winters and in the sweltering heat of montreal summers. she has completed her first marathon. she counts calories, doesn't take days off, and really follows the mantra, "your body is a temple, train accordingly". she is a huge all of us who choose reality tv over a 15 mile run...any day...

fellow bloggers: chic runner & danielle runs. i love hearing about your racing experiences. shuddering about the painful side effects and laughing when i know EXACTLY where your coming from. ie. danielle's post about gagging over fast good smells mid-race on a busy street. been there. smelled that. no thank yooou. chic runner- taught me about this running website. nothing like new snazzy gear to get excited about hitting the pavement.

thank you to you all for getting my butt in gear...i will be poolside in montreal before i know it (eek!)

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Danielle Runs said...

i love your blog! you're adorable!!

ive only read through 3 posts so far and i'm hooked :)