Thursday, May 28, 2009

back from vacation--

good morning. happy thursday!
back from vacation. i went up to montreal to visit the hkyplayer. it was the PERFECT vacation. we spent a lot of time in his backyard by the pool. BBQing good food and he had fires going in the fire pit. it was very relaxing. hkyplayer cannot believe how much i sleep...anytime we are relaxing i would nod off on his chest. i have 2 theories about this...
1. i am not 'fully' relaxed until we are together. it is then when i sleep HARD. we are talking heavy dreams, lines on the face sleep.
2. i was catching up on all the sleep i miss out in NYC with the 2 jobs and busy life.
i believe in both excuses. :) but needless to say, we were really content with laying low and proud of ourselves. typically when i would go up there we would be in the montreal clubs every night. they are a lot of fun & we do enjoy the night life..but we both are at a point now where we would rather save some $ and relax. enjoy our families and friends over a camp fire vs. yelling over club music. his mom gave me these really cute candles from IKEA that hang, a lil housewarming gift for my new place..but i will love them forever! so sweet of her. i couldnt think of what to bring them, so instead i picked up 'American' beer for his dad and some wine for his mom...keeps everyone happy!

we did go out to dinner one night w/ 2 other couples (one we are friends, the other couple were new aquiantances). and had a great time. it was 22$ per person for appetizer and meal.. but w the boys shots, and us girls and our expensive wine/dessert n coffee.. things sure did add up! but again, we thought, its nice to do now and again but it is not our cup of tea for say a wknd basis.

we went to his grandparents, who are from Scotland, and we had some good laughs and yummy 7 layer taco dip. we sat out on their back porch in the sun and their lilac bushes were in bloom. one of my favorite flowers.. so i was a happy girl. hkyplayer was of course holed up in the house watching a hockey game. ha!
it was an amazing trip. the only bittersweet part was being together and then having to say our goodbyes. again. this has been 5 yrs. lots of summer trips. lots of long distance. it is hard on a girl. hkyplayer promises that the end is near. we will not have to be long distance forever. this makes me get butterflies in my belly because i want our relationship to go to the next level. more than i ever ever thoughti would. just a couple of months ago i was telling him how we are still so young and an engagement would be so look..i daydream of being his hkyplayer also said he wants me to go with him to Europe earlier than last year.. last year i went in January. Our goal this year is November/December (my goal is to celebrate Christmas together!) usually because of his season we are apart and have never woken up on Christmas morning together. The only glitch- work for me abroad. and subletting my apartment. we shall see...
nothing planned for this wknd. the following wknd i am flying Upstate. hkyplayer might meet me. yay!! and BFF..worlds greats hometown friends..J.H. & K.N. will be there too (they both live in our hometown). not to mention the hot tub and my parents boat! my brothers. and my dog!! heaven on earth.
crumbs cupcake is giving away free cupcakes downstairs in my building. eek. way to sabatosh our bikini bodies folks!!! update you all soon. xx.

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