Monday, May 11, 2009

lock it up!

i have been dreading writing this blog for a couple days now. but life goes on. maybe it will be a lesson to all the girls out there in their little studios... i will try to make this minimally depressing. i live in a studio apartment. it is pre-war, with a new bathroom & kitchen. aka. it is perfect. i live alone. and enjoy every minute of it. i like learning how to be on my own.... with this in mind..

i came home thursday evening from a long day spent at work and then a nice workout at the gym. *i had been gone from 7:30 am- 10:00 pm. .....needless to say, my door was wide open. i peered in and sure enough, the place was torn apart..but done so in a meticulous way. ie. all my receipts put on piles, pictures in piles, and here is the kicker, my jewelry (which is always tangled up), was laid out perfectly on my futon....

i called my Mom, the cops and Janel *bff who lives close by. the cops came, about an hour later. they were incredibly good looking, go figure. and proceeded to hit on my bff janel & i. perfect right?!!?! come oN! find the criminals. take fingerprints! but once they heard electronics were safe (my laptop and tv) they were pretty much over the whole investigation portion.

we discovered the losers took every prescription i own, and OTC drugs. ie. cough syrup, lactate medicine.. (weird?!) and my digital camera. i had pictures from france on that fricking camera. never printed them out. so now i will have to see if i can order them online? ohh the frustration. on a positive note. i sleep soundly. and i still do love my place. but really. i am bitter.
my landlord installed all new keys and locks. and bars inside the windows. Mom & Dad want to install ADT security but we shall see. basically, it just makes me think more or less, why do i choose to be independent when i could be living with the hkyplayer and basically having my own body guard. but i do know this time is important, it allows me to be thankful for when he and i are together..and when i am folding clothes and wiping dirty noses i will know i did it once by myself..& family & love beats out being alone and doing things your way. BY FAR. so Europe here we come..last year I went in January.. the hkyplayer takes flight August 1. I wonder how long i will last in the states....
here is a picture from france, that was taken with the camera (RIP) :)
on to bigger & better things.

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