Friday, May 15, 2009

finally fridaaay

yay! as you can see (hopefully!! i hope i didnt lose any viewers as my html has completely changed), i have revamped. spring cleaning if you will. i just didnt love my last blog set up. it is still a work in progess but still..better than that mess. yick.

happy friday= coworkers birthday aka cupcakes!! and then to cancel out the new workout pants came today! from road runners sports online . i had them to delivered to my office due to the recent unsafe status of my apartment....scroll down the posts... : [...but i digress, the pants are perfect!!!! just what i was looking for. thank God for chic runner! they were the right size (i ordered a small per the comments under the product on the site..they are stretchy and so you want them to be tight..i hate yanking at clothes while running, isnt working out hard enought!!). so saturday i will be so excited to throw them on. yippeeeee!!!! i am also excited to bring them up to montreal on vacation. P*Daisy (hkyplayers Momma) is a work out instructor and we are always sharing tips on cute work out clothes.. Score!!

tonight i am going shopping with co-worker Katie. we are going to a running store & forever21. my goal is to buy cute dresses and flowy-summery tanks for montreal vaca that can also be worn at the office! think, flowery silky guaze dress with a blazer thrown on top... we shall see how good everything is stocked. its always touch n go there. Kate also has a bunch of really good gift cards we may use for dinner! fun!!

hkyplayers prepschool friends girlfriend *jenny* will be here visiting with her friend. hopefully i will get to see her too!

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