Monday, May 18, 2009

monday monday.

i am not going to complain about how terrible this monday is.
1.) i just housed a HUGE cupcake from
CRUMBS cupcake - now in my building! dangerous!! (i ate a cupcake called- the good guy- so i got to say, i really want a good guy)
2.) my vacation begins on wednesday!! up to Montreal to visit the hkyplayer & family!!
3.) tonight, after my night job, i will be a very,very happy girl...i then get my "me time" that i cherish so go to the gym, tanning (sorry Momma)...

hkyplayer is on his way back from Boston - wknd trip with the prep school boys. one of his friend's girlfriend was in the city on Friday (see me previous blog). met her for food and many, many drinks. good night had by all. although i think i blabbed about hkyplayer and I too much..turns out her and her bf are not so hot :\...the boys certainly had a good time..very few sober moments it seems. Momma calls these types of wknds, 'reindeer games'..they never do grow up do they!?! same wknd my Dad was in Myrtle Beach for a golfing trip with high school best friends...needless to say...i am absolutely certain i will end up with my father..

& tuesday xx.

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