Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesday whoa is me's...

i woke up to the sound of my neighbors shuffling around. this might not seem like any big news ... but here is the thing. i have never heard them before. not once. oh wait!! maybe because i woke up when i typically am already in commute to work.. turned off the alarm mid-dream and next thing i know, an hour has passed. so throw the hair and a bun and all black outfit. go. i tried to remain positive until i realized, the subway cut off one of my favorite part of the mornings. i just love how the pre-recorded woman's voice says 7th avenue. it is a highlight of mine. for some reason, today it was cut off. me being me, i superstitiously thought- ut oh today is not going to be a bright spot in my life... another superstition, i thought wednesday will be a nothing-day because thursday is going to be chaotic. oh right. jinx yourself why don't you.

@ the office i was informed that no, my vacation will not be allowed. this vaca. was requested over a month ago. it is over memorial day, up to montreal to see the hkyplayer and his lovely family. the family i have not seen since July 2008. not because i am a terrible gf, but because the hkyplayer is abroad, MIA, gone, absent, etc. August 1- April 1. my poor 'MIL' had been waiting for this trip for ages, just yesterday she told me, while I was in Duane Reed buying trail mix, 'i cannot wait until my house is full again.' welp there goes that. hky player has no idea the trip was cancelled, sleeps in until at least company does tend to cancel my wknds, holidays and vacas...nothing new here. nature of the beast.

tomorrow is my year review, 3 months past due. i WILL bring up the vacation. and i WILL bring up all of the holidays i DID work....more to come...reminisce...

now counting down until a possible early happy hour at lunch. yes please.

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