Monday, May 4, 2009

taking a big bite out of the big apple. again.

hi all. wow.
so the whole french countryside blogging did not go as planned. to say the least. but in my defense, my PR co. offered to have me work part time from our lil apartment. and part time shortly changed to full time. next thing i knew i was a full time PR associate, trophy wife and maid. in that exact order. another reason for my non-blogging blog...the hockey player & i were obsessed. any free time was spent together. honeymoon phase. and second, after long hours on my crummy laptop the last thing i wanted was to be online typing away about random french tidbits.
we had an amazing time.
- GREAT Weather
- I got to go on runs DAILY. (aka I was balanced).
- Work went well.
- I LOVED our lil apartment.
- met some great girl friends.
- he played VERY well & was injury free...come to think of klutz tendencies caused me to be the more injured of the 2..shocking.. i know...
- he & I got in ONE (basically) Paris...the most romantic city?! I think is not my thang. grey. not a lota culture. but thats just me. maybe some day i will be in luv. so far montreal still has a strong hold on my the genre of favorite all time cities.. says the girl who lives in NYC.
- & the whole thing solidified hey..we like each other STILL. after 5 yrs and off and on the long distance..we are still going strong. For the next chapter, I am back in NYC...after glancing over my previous blogs, who would of thunk'it. but I am doing it.
* New apartment :) :) this charming pre-war studio in Astoria. (will update pics)!
* New job, Night job that is, hostess at Uncle Jacks, a very Uptown (Midtown) Steak House in the City... drains the life out of me but takes away the guilt of over-spending on the weekends. is that whole saying of hitting yourself with a hammer (?!) because it feels so good when you stop... my life is complete shit Sunday & Monday..but Tuesday morning feels like Christmas morning every week. Because that is when I only work 1 job. :) we shall see how long this lasts.
* New work out regiment (a very lax program currently..yeesh)...I now belong to a gym, quite different from my morning runs by my lil French countryside lake. It is a young gym. It is a busy gym. It has fat mirrors. again... lets see how this goes....
There is so much to write. I must save info for future blogs. But I am back on board. If even ONE person gets the joy out of the blogs I read daily..then I am a happy girl.
Gbyes for Now.. Back Shortly I PROMISE! xx

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