Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ups & downs of the thermometer...

in nyc it was roughly 7 degrees yesterday & is expected to reach 59 degrees (F) tomorrow.
along with the temperature outside...mine has been fluctuating as well...
...fighting off a cold.

i am a believer in superstitions & that all things are linked. when one is stressed/'life transitioning' ....then here comes the sickness. ...& bad skin. at least in my un-glam world.

work is still sorting out what to do with me. hey are being very supportive while trying to figure out how long i can be employed...as of now, december 19 is my very last day in the office...i will work from home until i fly out on january 13. i included a pic of kate & i...my coworker who has helped with every step of the transition across the ocean. :) the hkyplayer is finalizing his holiday plans..some team mates are off to barcelona while others are off to prague. the longer he waits the more expensive flights are. barcelona is an option because there is a great 'football' game he wants to see. prague- because everything would be so cheap. i sure hope he figures it out.... i do not want to have a broken heart on christmas morning.. thinking of my boy all alone on such a special day... hugs and cold medicine... kmn.

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