Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the goodbyes begin--

as i watch the tree lighting ceremony in rockefeller center..i thought it would be nice to jot a quick love note to the city..

what i will surely not miss-
1. subway transfers/cancellations
2. 50% of a paycheck going to rent..
3. not being always being able to wear the heels of my choice
4. the homeless that have dogs with them
5. 12 hour work days
6. being the only girl without a puppy/toddler/husband on the weekends
7. grocery shopping at convience stores
8. 12$ shots of jose cuervo
9. feeling extremly lonely amongst 17 million people
what i am sadly leaving behind-
1. my coworkers..the best ones a girl could ask for..minus dwight shrute
2. runs along the hudson
3. penn station
4. ny style pizza..ordered at 4am..
5. using the empire state building as a compass
6. fashion ave.
7. hooters off broadway (dont order clams)
8. any magazine i could ever want..weeklies, monthly-fashion/fitness/political...for free.
9. sephora on every corner
10. $1 drafts at green rock
11. celebrity spotting

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