Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hi guys!

please join me over @ http://katiemarie413.tumblr.com/

sorry for the schitzo...needed change & blogger is lame.

xxx stick with me...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

well. i know when the race sucked SO much....i was sick. really sick.
went to the drs. on tuesday night. fever. virus. etc. etc. i am fine and glad to be on medicine but even happier that i know why my race was so bad. my body just did not move when i said go and now i know why. it felt like crap.
post race i was dizzy and nauceous and seeing spots during..i kept thinking are they going to make me stop if i faint?? ha not a good place to be on a 5K for goodness sake...
but thats whats up!

BFFs birthday is this wknd. i am giving her the gift of $$$$..
isnt that what everyone needs most?

Lastly, the only thing in my cube is a picture of Michelle Obama. Weird?
I just loved that story...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can my first dance still be to Van Morrison?

Monday, October 5, 2009

sorry to leave everyone hanging.
new job= less time to blog.

the new job is going ok. new jobs are tough. it is night & day from my previous job..but i am finding my way.

here is a funny story from today...i ran in a 5K yesterday morning. (Sunday)
i decided to run the race last Wednesday and did not get any training or workouts in last week. i had just started the new job and so i was too busy getting adjusted and celebrating i made it through each day that work outs took a back seat.

friday night i drank too much tequila and saturday treated my body like crap. did not eat dinner and was not feeling so hot..the nature in Upstate, NY has my allergies on overdrive.

I know. excuses, excuses.

Momma & I got to the race really early. Like 2hrs early. the race did not specify that the women were running a whole 45 minutes after the men.

The race was an ELITE race where 'masters' were running for PR and to qualify for additional races..participants came from 28 states. Needless to say, it was hard to make the correct pace for myself. Another aspect of this race, the course loops around so you can see that you are being passed by the people in the front. Not great for the ole' self esteem.

Anyway. I finished in 27 minutes 10 seconds..
This was in this morning's newspaper in the sports section.
202 people finished before me.
They do not really mention how 100-out of the 200 are elite runners.

I feel lame but I am like hey!! i would of run a lot faster if I knew you were posting! :)
How conceited of me. Yet incredibly true. A girl just runs faster knowing her boyfriends are seeing how in shape she is over their morning coffee..

ohh life...