Thursday, October 8, 2009

well. i know when the race sucked SO much....i was sick. really sick.
went to the drs. on tuesday night. fever. virus. etc. etc. i am fine and glad to be on medicine but even happier that i know why my race was so bad. my body just did not move when i said go and now i know why. it felt like crap.
post race i was dizzy and nauceous and seeing spots during..i kept thinking are they going to make me stop if i faint?? ha not a good place to be on a 5K for goodness sake...
but thats whats up!

BFFs birthday is this wknd. i am giving her the gift of $$$$..
isnt that what everyone needs most?

Lastly, the only thing in my cube is a picture of Michelle Obama. Weird?
I just loved that story...

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