Tuesday, May 5, 2009

King of Queens (?!!).

see! toldya- more updates. here we go.
SIKED for the season finale of RHONYC. you know, real housewives of new york city. the girls in the office all love bethenny. last episode she won me over. i am over the countess. mainly because she called her daughter's hands paws. yeesh. the co-workin' gfs say they are going to a Betheny book signing tonight in the city..but all the rain puts a damper on things..
LOOKING FORWARD to doing laundry. well anxious. very first time i am doing laundry in the public realm. eek. some how or another i always got away with having washer n dryers 'in house'. even in france we did. I enjoy laundry. scratch that. i enjoy all parts minus the putting away. i am brainstorming better storage possibilites as we speak aka as i type.
LATEST & GREATEST King of Queens ?!!... Middle Bro. called. He asked if he can stay w. me this summer, possible engineering co-op in the city. First I txt fwd the txt to Momma. She is in Chicago at a work convention so until later on her thoughts, and then I called hkyplayer. He is for it. and said, just as long as Middle Bro knows, this is my life. Your here. No Judging. And go with the flow. Basically, I am a work-aholic that likes my fair share of wine on the wknds... then I started thinking...I DO have a free guest pass per day @ my gym, he is like me, needs a daily workout to be sane. and I DO have a new futon.... and wow. my bro. he is good stuff.
This is the Middle Bro in a nutshell.
He is Smart: Mechnical Engineering Major
He is Sentimental: He txts about our parents gifts weeks if not months before and ALWAYS comes through with great ideas for a good price. I love getting gifts from him.
He is Handsome: Turns heads. I hate to admit it, people always thinking we are dating. Yeesh. Older woman, ie. grandmas and my moms friends hit on him. He is just charming.
Bottom line: In some ways we are the same, in others, so different. Youngest Bro balances us all out perfectly. But I am looking forward to spending time together. How fun. AND random!

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