Tuesday, May 12, 2009

celebrating tuesday workouts. :)

hiii! quizzes are not real posts.
every tuesday i wake up ecstatic for my day. i work at the night job on sunday & monday so tuesday-is my first 'me day' of the week. i am going to the gym directly after work and i am SIKED! Add Imagei bought new headphones at Apple for runners. $30..just to find them on RunnersWorld online for $8. rats! gotta hunt down that receipt. another reason for the excitement...free tanning & the gym :x dont tell my Momma. today we had a co. (catered) staff meeting....gotta go burn off THREE sugar cookies. Yes. Three. sick. for dinner i will make something my body will thank me for i promise..tuna. no mayo. for some after workout protein. i may even drink soy milk instead of wine. i only have white wine so really not a big sacrifice there. i believe in a lil bit of everything and for cheating every day on the diet some how or another..either with alcohol or a sweet treat. life is too short. and when i try to limit myself i over-indulge. i am not a genius. but it works for me. it is a mathmatical formula in my head. how many calories in, how many are your burning.

...i am trying to think of a pic to slap on this blog. i hate when blogs have no pics and i love when they have a looot of pics. i guess i am visual. i dont want to read essays so to speak of people's day. i need images folks. so i will return the favor. here is a pic of the walk to my gym!! i always want to stop at this lil market (just produce!) but never carry cash and it seems like the migrant workers who picked the produce this morning are the same ones on register. :) least thats what i tell myself!!! enjoy your evenings....

.k.m.n. x

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