Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bloggin' about bloggin'

there are a million things going on right now. but instead i wanna take a moment & let everyone know where this blog is headed. i started following my first blog Chitlins & Camembert last winter. yes, i work in PR, but typically not in the consumer-friendly side. but for some reason or another i was researching mommy blogs. & BAM here pops up Amy's site. it was the SAME wk. my company informed me they would allow me to work remotely from Tours, France while the hkyplayer ..well duh...played professional hky. he had moved there august 1st....i was not arriving until january 15th. this was long over due. SIX MONTHS. a part.

Amy is fabulous. in a nutshell. AND my mentor. here she is. socially awkward amongst the french woman, raising two gorgeous children in the french countryside. i would read her blog several times a day before departing for france as a reminder that 1.) i can be American and be o.k. in france. 2.) my Lord it is not easy to raise children--let alone while teaching them 2 Languages... it was the first time I ever brainstormed this.

(I should back up)

The hkyplayer & I met in college, he is from Montreal Q.C. originally. So French has always been a part of our lives. No, I do not speak a lick of it. Yes, I have tried. We have been together for 5 yrs. and i do pick up things here and there. Ok back on task, Chitlins & Camembert provided me with confidence and entertainment. it allowed me to visualize myself emersed in the French culture while staying close to my roots. (Amy did the whole NYC living thing prior to France too.)...HE works in mysterious ways doesnt he?! All this from a google search in the workplace...Ok. so anyway. My life is not normal. Long distance is not easy. NYC living is not easy. Paying $1100 a month for your very own studio (yay!) not easy. Being away from your family (Mom, Dad & 2 Amazing Bro's + Lefty *dog) is not easy. But blogging about it helps. And hearing other stories helps.

I just love blogs about new mommy's, newlywed's. I live vicariously thru you all, for I pray each day the hkyplayer & i will get to share those life moments together. I look forward to hearing about all your funny anecdotes and sharing my own. x

download of the day: City, Sara Bareillas

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