Thursday, August 13, 2009


i am down right SHOCKED you all did not inform me about Tracy Firth's line at Target.
YOU know I love girly clothing.
YOU know I love being a thrifty shopper.
YOU know I love shopping online.

Of COURSE, every other girl in America luvs the line. The only thing I can find of the line on the website are bathing suit bottoms (with bows). adorable.

NOW HOW do I miss this! Where is the PR for Target I ask!?! I have seen your Mother-focused commercials on how 'Julie has faith Target will keep her kids un-sunburned' blah blah. WHERE were your commercials for 20-something girls who love frocks. girly girl sundresses & are at a loss for what to wear to their Grandfathers 80th Bday that may or may not be taking place nxt wknd.

Really. I am taking this personally.

(lets all pretend we do not recognize Ali from The City).

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