Thursday, August 13, 2009

i am here in the city this wknd. mainly friendless- with Katie moving, J. on a cruise, etc.

i plan on birthday shopping; hkyplayer & brother,

& checking out the highline.

saturday is suppose to be beautiful. i plan on taking full advantage.

tonight i am meeting up with Katie and she is completing the transition from NYC to DC this week/weekend. we will be meeting @ Hooters off Broadway. She brought me there, grudgingly the very first day I started with our company. it is a tradition one might say.

I am going to miss her dearly. A coworker, friend, and confidant. I KNOW I would of not lasted this long in NYC without her by my side. This place is cut-throat. She also pushed me in the right direction for France. I cant wait to see where each others lives take us. We are both on the verge of big things. : )

happy thursday,
kt marie.

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