Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lil tidbit..hkyplayer called today to inform me he was off to buy new shin pads. apparently the shin pads that he has are 10 years old and are breaking by the knees. he is sad he has to get new ones because he has had them for so long. so i said wowie you have had them longer than you have had me............and he goes see!! i hold on to the things i love.
cute. right? minus the fact i keep thinking about how bad 10yr old hockey pads must smell....
oh. & he bought the car. its black. with tints. and huge wheels.
.........no he is not making his rap debut anytime soon.
on my end... just working and getting back to the groove of things. went away for a family weekend. cousin posted terrible pics of the fam. party. makes me hate what i was wearing. (annoying). last night i trained a new girl at the night job. she will do well i think.
next monday is my last day there. *hallelujah*
2 more hours then i am off for a run..hopefully long... in central park. xx

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