Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i love tori & dean on oxygen. OBSESSION.
1. she married a canadian. (he reminds me of hkyplayer a little bit more in every epsiode).
2. she has gorgeous children
3. shes a working mom. to say the least.
4. HOW CAN U BE THAT SKINNY?! it is mind blowing.

so i was thinking. tori creates gorgeous babies, baby clothes, authors great books that make me laugh outloud AND creates really pretty jewlery. she must have a blog.
no dice. her 'official site' takes you to her myspace page. You mean to tell me her gay husband hasnt informed her that myspace is very 2003-ish. seriously it is for child molesters. what ru doing tori. Upgrade.

in her defense. the site has CUTE recently uploaded pics of her and the family...

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alyssa said...

haha! myspace is for child molesters!! so true!!