Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am raging out on the shopping Gods today let me tell you.

I was skimming through People's Style Magazine- the one with Vanessa Hutchings {{or however you spell her last name}} & came across these great Over The Knee Boots (O.T.K.). After watching the VMAs and some of NYC fashion week runways- I am convinved that they are a hit.

Boots are great. Comfy, classy, can last a couple seasons, keep you warm, sexy...and then...theres this factor. I hate my knees. I think I always have. They are my nemisis. I hate them more than any other body part. When they are not exposed I feel like I look 10 lbs lighter. So, basically, the Fashion Gods granted me a miracle and over the knee boots are now in fashion. How QUICKLY the tides changed...

Anyway, the People mag featured a pair of OTK boots in their issue, they are suede, they have a cute perfect height heel, and they were cheap-- 65$. In busy chaotic life, I kept leaving the People mag at home and forgetting the website, so days flew by without me placing my order. {{I know, I know, STUPID GIRL. I even figured they would be sold out by now}} On Saturday I checked on by Blackberry to make sure they were in- and there they were, all sparkly and shiny and I was so fricking giddy. But ordering online via the Berry is difficult. I would probably end up with 10 pairs of purple boots. No thank you. So I waited til Monday.

That was..until yesterday. I checked for my beloved boots and the price said $110. {{The name of the boots is "Vamp" so I knew I was not mistaking}} This morning I ripped the page out of the People mag, DUH should of done that sooner...to confirm. YUP. They raised the price from $65.00 to $110.00 in like a day. {{WHY. why. why}} I now should take a stance for online shoppers across the U.S.A. and call and complain and send emails and stomp my cold non-OTK boot foot. But I mean seriously. I am sick of doing that kind of thing. I am a working girl. I like to buy things. And have them shipped to my door. Like Christmas morning. WITHOUT being suckered into spending more $$$ than necessary.


Okay. well. there are so many more important, interesting, fun things going on in my life to blog about. I swear I am not materialistic. Well maybe a tad......Speaking of...does anyone know of an OTK boot-maker- that is rather cheap? I tried ALDO and Steve Madden and I think their fall boots are iffy. Happy Tuesday. :)

Oh and here are the damn boots.

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