Thursday, September 24, 2009

today is my parent's wedding anniversary. they have been married for 26 years.
in 26 years they have raised 3 children. they sent all 3 children to college.
my mom waited 12 years for an engagement ring.
they met when they were 16.
they have been together for 38 yrs in total.
they built 2 houses from scratch.
they survived 5 years of college.
they are helping their elderly parents age gracefully.
they welcomed their eldest (me) back to their home with open arms.
they both work full time and receive awards and recognition each yr.
they are the greatest example of love conquering all...

i do not believe in love today.

they want me to celebrate their acheivements by being the 3rd wheel.

I do not feel much like celebrating.

As of 4pm last night, Hkyplayer & I called it quits.
I drove 10 hours in a car to end our relationship.
We spent 1 last night together (he was so confused by my tossing & turning.)
We made it 5 years.
We lasted through 4 years of college.
We celebrated birthdays and holidays.
We cried together, we fought together, we smiled together and challenged each other.
He became patient, I became confident.
We dreamed of little babies with green eyes and dirty blonde curly hair.
We planned out our wedding.
We lived in France together for 3 months.
We had plans. We had goals.
We had promises.

I forget what being alone is like.
I forget the girl who was Me before he waltzed up to me one Saturday night
...late August, 2004.
I forget what her goals are.
Her dreams.

I am going to go find them.
Come along for the ride.

This is no longer a love story.

It is a life story.

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