Thursday, September 3, 2009

happy thursday (friday) to all those who are taking an extra long wknd this wknd. i am flying home tonight!! yippee!! i hope my flight is on time so i can hit the hot tub when i am home.
it will be so weird as the youngest bro. is now off to college. strange!!
i plan on seeing his dorm and taking him to breakfast. that is if he has time for us in his busy-
i am too cool for you now that i am a college student-schedule. :)
no news on my end. hkyplayer is back @ training camp for the weekend. xo
i am thankful to be going home and not having to worry about the wknd job anymore!
congrats to
KatieD for hew new part-time job at Anthroplogie. I would looooooove to tap into her store discount on some of their fall clothes & cute apartment accessories. Miss u Kate!!

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