Sunday, September 6, 2009

Its official!! I have big news I can finally share.
I got a new job!! It is in my hometown and was really what I had been hoping and praying for. It had been a long interview process and I had been in limbo for a couple weeks. It is so hard to be patient.
I have two weeks in the city to finish up at my current agency, pack up, and get rid of the apartment.
I am going to continue to have Faith and now it will all work out. This news is certainly proof. I had been looking for sometime now for the chance to relocate to my hometown after putting in a year and a half in NYC. The minute I saw this job posting I knew I needed it! More responsibility, less hours, and a lot more money (the cost of living is also much cheaper Upstate).

My job is in Skaneateles, NY by Skaneateles lake. It is a small but gorgeous little town.

I still have to determine where my new apartment will be and if I want to buy a new car (need to be able to handle the snowy back roads) but I am sure the answers will come to me in time.

Hkyplayer is also excited and very proud. He hated NYC. We knew it was just for my job but even his visits weren't all that great w both of us not loving it there. I will also be a lot closer to him and can take a train or drive up to his games this season.

Overall a great transition. But a transition nonetheless. Not easy.

I am typing from my parents boat more to come soon. I just could not hold in the big news any longer!!

God Bless

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