Thursday, September 10, 2009


Anna Sui is launcing a GOSSIP GIRLS Inspired Line @ Target This Weekend!!

Who ever thought that launching a line on a Sunday would bring in good press is a bit PR-UN-saavy..especially for us Internet Shopping folks! Some of us aren't online on Sundays. The line incorporates Blair, Serena & Vanessa clothing based on their own personal style. SHOCK of the Century-- I am currently attracted to Vanessa's clothing. I am going to lose sleep over why I am not head of heels <3<3 for Blair's ribbons, bows & ruffles.

But is a little glimpse of some of her fall-dresses.

{{Thank God tights are still in this Fall & Winter. They are like my long lost best friend. I threw a pair on today and forgot how practical and comfy they are.}}

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