Wednesday, June 24, 2009

trip itinerary!

Hkyplayer never makes a trip itinerary. he believes in going with the flow and taught me to do so as well! that was...until today! he called on my lunch break to go over the upcoming wknd vaca with me. so cute. got me so excited! he also told me his Momma is possibly even more excited than he is. if that possible. we all cannot wait for Hkyplayers sister, Ali J. to be home visiting. Hkyplayer & I have not seen her since last summer! She is so much fun to be around!! I am suppose to (cross fingers no crisis occurs tomorrow @ my job) arrive at 6pm in Montreal tomorrow night. Ali J flys in later. YAY!

Tomorrow night: RELAX! & greet Ali J at the airport-- all have some sangria!!!! I am working a half day and will be leaving the office/ and nYC at 1:00 (cross fingeeeeers)
Friday: I will have to work (boo) from his house at least in the morning, relax, enjoy the good weather (cross fingers again), lay out pool side.
@ night have a fire in their outdoor fire pit & BBQ!
Saturday: Take his Momma's work out class (shes an instructor) with Ali J, hkyplayer sleeps in. :)...then the ZOO!- one of our favs!
Sunday: Hkyplayers brother- Luke is graduating from high school!! According to the Candians..this means we meet them out downtown?! So weird! lol but ok! ill go with it! (we typically use to go out every other night when I would visit)..that was before we realized the backyard, some good sangria and comfy clothes can be just as enticing. We have been nesting as of late :) ....and i love every minute of it....but i do miss the night life of my fav. city of all time!--Montreal!

tonight i will be going home to go for a quick jog and finish packing. in my world that means going through my bag ONE MORE TIME in hopes i can eliminate some of the 10,000 lbs of luggage. ha!

to recap, last night i went to H&M before working out. i saw the huge SALE sign and couldnt resist. Got cute unders ($1-$3.00 each), a cute-summer-scarf- lepoard and pink (good for travel!!!)- $5.00, cute pjs-- i hate walking around his house in not so nice pjs- $15.00, a skirt- i am wearing today haha! $10.00) AND a comfy shirt I will wear tomorrow for work day/flight- with skinny jeans, heels and a blazer.
Do i need this stuff? NO. does it make me happy. YES. maybe I will return the stuff I end up not using or liking. Ha. Right.

P.S. H&M dressing rooms ARE not my friend. The mirrors, the lighting. I think God created us just as he wanted. I dont think we are suppose to be able to see our bum from 50 different angles in flourescent lighting.......not cute. BUT! inspired me on my run to push harder thats for sure.

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