Monday, June 29, 2009


VACATION WAS GREAT. As Expected! & just a complete whirlwind--my flight ended up being delayed on thursday night, eek. but i got in around midnight and hkyplayer, his Momma & Ali J *with puppy Spartan where all there to greet me. it was so nice being in his presence and sleeping by his side. he is such a great partner and my best friend :)

Friday Ali J and I were pool side with Spartan as hkyplayer and his dad worked a half day. We had a great BBQ with yummy salsa and chicken burgers on the grill, @ night we had some of his friends over and watched the NHL draft. I was the first one asleep per usual!~ Ali J and I took hkyplayer's Mom's aerobics class too. SHE KICKED MY BUTT!! His Mom is so great and gave hkyplayer n I a shout out for her one of her songs that reminds her of us...she is in such good shape and man my stomach is so sore! It was one of the wknd highlights. Ali J & I stood in the back and were laughing so hard and sweating so much! Saturday afternoon Ali J fought over who could hang out with me..which was very sweet but also frusterating! I wanted to be in both places. Ali J was going to an all girl's bruncheon and they were gone from 2-9 pm. Hkyplayer was not having that! So instead he won & we went to see transformers. (i was there more or less for cuddiling & movie theater popcorn). Saturday night we met up with his agent at a club in Montreal called
buona notte. all of the NHL 1st draft picks were there too. I wish I had a chance to speak to his agent about sending hkyplayer somewhere good AND SOON! we are so behind with hearing where he will be going this season. EEK!

I was so sad to leave, but it was a great time had by all. I decided on a whim I will be going home to Upstate NY for 4th of July wknd. I had not made any plans because I am going home the following wknd for younger brother's HS grad party. On the way home from my wknd trip I thought life is too short to not spend holidays where you want to be!! Even though it is costing an arm & leg! I am taking a limo bus on Thursday night that has wireless access- so I can work if necessary, and on the way back taking an early train so I can work Sunday night at the night job. Hkyplayer mentioned he might come down for it- but we know how that goes :)

So excited!!!!!! Somewhere in there I need to do laundry (piles and piles), get some workouts in, and meet up with Janel- a hs friend in the city I have not seen in ages for sushi!.... I'll upload pics from the wknd shortly!!!

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