Monday, June 22, 2009

where is everyone?!!

hi guys. feeling a bit lost today. Parents are in the Cayman islands. (LUCKYDUCKS! & so happy for Momma won the all-expense-paid-trip for 2) @ work. She is officially the #3 sales rep in the country for her company. She is the Shit. Dad went with her. They texted me yesterday, this is their first flight alone since 1985, Bahamas. And technically they were not alone as she was very.very. pregnant with yours truly. :) i am siked for them. She emailed me today saying they are snorkeling and kayaking and my Dad got to golf with his very own caddie. It is just weird not getting her daily txts & phone calls. Usually I txt her at the end of my days so she knows I am safe (see previous blogs about apartment getting broken into). etc.
Hometown BFFS are in Florida. They are there visiting J's Dad. Kaleena is there for moral support. Which I am very glad for (J needs it. Thats for certain) . But they are also out of touch.
Hkyplayer is back to the ole 9-5 today. Helping his Dad out and making some $. But weird to know we cannot chat online on a whim. I will admit though, kinda fun getting the early morning phone call knowing we are on the same exact schedule.
Plus I know anytime we are making $ we are happy.
Just feels like a strange day today! Per usual, I will be so thankful when tonight is done. Hostess job was nutso yesterday with Father's Day. No celebrity sightings- Carlos Beltran was at the other location. :) Instead of my usual salads at work I have been ordering grilled chicken. It has been a nice treat at the end of the shift--- Sundays 3-midnight/Mondays 6-midnight. eeeek. To recap; had a great weekend. Katie & I had a great time on Fri. good appetizers drinks and lotsa laughs! Saturday I stopped into Forever 21 for some sundresses and to Trader Joes for some groceries. It was pouring so it was a great night to watch HGTV & relax!! I am still waiting to hear about my vacation to Montreal. Hopefully they will let me fly out on Thursday as planned. I checked into other flight options and there are no flights besides the one I have for that time in the day non-stop. I will blog with any update on that end!
Here are some pics of my purchases from Forever21 on Saturday. I tried on about 30 items but narrowed it down to 3. I will mainly be in the backyard pool side so I went for comfy/cute vs. dressy. :)

i want to go back and get this!!!

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