Friday, June 19, 2009

t.g.i.f. folks

hope everyone has a great weekend!! tonight katie & i are going to happy hour at UNOs. everytime i go to a 'chain restaurant' in the city i feel lame because we have so many unknown lil hot spots but heres why! i went for a run last Sunday before my hostess job and stumbled across this new plaza RIGHT next to my apartment. cute outdoor seating for UNOs, AppleBees, Panera & Starbucks! Ok. might not sound like ground breaking news per Upstate NY (where I am from originally) we have one of these plazas every half mile...but in QUEENS! no such thing! we are on a budget. but UNOs offers those great 1/2 appetizer menus for happy hr. ever since I ran past it I am craving!!!! Her boyfriend is coming into town so it will be an early night. Fine by me! Saturday I might meet up with Janel...she just moved to the Upper East Side & I am yet to see her apartment. Sunday I am working an extra long shift because of Father's Day. Ok by me. Momma & Dad are off to Cayman Islands Sunday anyway. (JERKS!) & I need the money...I plan on buying a couple new sundresses for my time with the hkyplayer up in Montreal next weekend!! YIPEE! I hope everyone enjoys the weekend & has the chance to have some special time for their Dad's! xx

heres a pic of Katie & I's Coney Island weekend last week! It was FREEZING...not a beach day. Our bikinis did not see the light of Day! But it was still fun to go & experience it. I Blackberry Googled the history of Coney Island & it dates back to the 1600's. Native American's were the first to name it Coney Island. Cool or what?..Our friend Alison took the shots. Needless to say, shes an amazing photographer...

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