Thursday, June 25, 2009

why is Beyonce in my head this morning?

"lemme lemme update-yaa"

so my company DID take my afternoon flight away from me yesterday. so instead of flying out this afternoon i will be flying to Montreal this evening- 9pm flight vs. 3pm flight. Yeah, it is kinda like the 'man' is bringing me down...but not so much...
1. free flight! yay! they are paying for the $800+ flight AND the flight i originally booked
2. Ali J arrives around the same time into the same airport! yay! now we can have a dramatic reunion in the airport terminal..picture the whole slow motion running into each others arms..
3. HkyPlayer said 'cool, now I can skate tonight before you get here!!', ha. & he is happy they are paying for my trip & that I am needed so badly..especially in this economy! It is nice to feel wanted by your job lemme tell ya.
Hopefully we will still get in a lot of quality time into just a few days. I just cannot wait to see him and get a big huge hug! I was in the office until 9 pm last night and got here 8am this morning! eek! Nothing a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks won't fix. :) :)

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