Tuesday, June 9, 2009

celebrity sightings...to be continued....

ok so here is my exciting story from last night.
my night job (hostessing) at a place in the theater district..gets at least a couple celebrities every night. but i only work sundays and monday nights..so obviously i miss out on some of the fun ones, ie. Katie Couric, David Letterman..etc. well! not last night! & mind you, i do not care what you say. being amongst celebrities is cool. i am a small town girl at heart. i will forever be giddy as can be. i digress....last night, after a busy evening at the restaurant, in walks a very, very handsome boy. i asked if he would be joining us alone..and he made some cute remark about now my wife is strolling along and a couple steps behind. instantly i smiled because i saw she was checking out the menu..the place is ($$$$$$). typical the husband just jumps at steaks. while the wife checks the budget. ha. well IMMEDIATELY i recognized her. She was...Heidi Strobel! This may not mean anything to you mature tv watchers. But to me she is an A List Celeb...Ahem..let me explain. Heidi was on Survivor (I was in college during her season).
She was gorgeous. Southern, Blonde, Fake tatas..sugary sweet...in a bikini..on a stranded island show. Naturally I idolized her. She was bff's with an equally hot girl..Jenna. Needless to say, my Momma couldn't stand the way the girls twirled their hair and did the whole dumb blonde ploy. But! this girl was no dumby. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She lasted 36 days out of the 40 days on the show coming in 5th. I loved watching how as a female, you can turn men into lap dogs. Funny & True. Ok last factoid. Her and Jenna stripped down on the show. Buck naked...30 days on a deserted island...on National TV..for Oreos and Peanut Butter. WHO. WOULDN'T. but. i betcha she hates hearing all the lame-o comments about oreos. ANYWAYY...the mngr. told her I had recognized her right away and was a fan of hers when she was on Survivor she thanked him and asked to meet me. CUTE! Moving on.....Her Husband is pitcher Cole Hamels. He was the 2008 MVP World Series pitcher for Philly. And he is HOT. bla bla bla. the guys @ the bar were googly eyed over him. Not the gorgeous blonde wife of his WHO WENT ON TO BE IN PLAYBOY!( i guess after you showed your treasure box n tatas -my pet names- mature I know...on National tv on an island..Playboy is just fine).
I was more googly eyed over her. and the fact they got married in 2006. AND ARE STILL SO CUTE TOGETHER. AND she is married to an athlete (naturally we are blood sisters). and she had her hair up in a ponytail and a hoody on. we do have a dress code. but come on! she looked good. I need to hit the gym. Pronto. thats all for now..swamped with work..shocking....no news for the hkyplayer. it is POURING in the city today...nasty gloomy day..perfect day for a date with a treadmill.

Here is a pic of Heidi and her Hubby Cole Hamels post World Series win

HOW CUTE!! & Heidi is quoted as stating, she did not know who the heck he was the day he asked her out..he wasn't dressed for the game. ;)

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