Thursday, June 11, 2009



no lie. the pencil skirt--that was baggy post France, is tight. very tight.
as in..short, quick steps. ugh. the tan pants from Arden B. i have owned since i was a wee-sophmore in college...*they are summer-work-attire go-tos..are obnoxiously tight. WTF.
i have only myself to blame. i know. but it is TOTALLY my schedule ie. work PR job 7:30-6:00 and then night job 2 nights a week. aka no work outs on Sundays & Mondays. i NEED to fix this. for my own sanity, my closet & my wallet. i feel like a whale. a beached one. in France I was at my peak. Eating properly (at least 5 days a wk, as the hkyplayer & I drank quite a lot on the wknds!)and got a solid run in every morning before I logged in. I was happy, smaller AND so happy and in love. Here in NYC- I emotionally eat. I reward myself. I miss my Family & Friends. And sulk.

THAT SAID. drastic changes. here they come. eating properly. working out A LOT....... in a perfect world:
Personal Chef: I need blogger Laura to cook me every meal.
Personal Trainer: & I need blogger Danielle to get my bum moving!
back to instead...I will travel to your blogs each day to keep myself motivated. times.they.are.a.changing. first day in my new mind-set: pizza for lunch for a meeting. I WILL eat the salad, i WILL not eat 2 pieces of pizza and feel lathargic a minute later... i.will.behave. That 3:00-4:00 time frame kills me. I get so sleepy and hungry... eek.

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