Monday, June 8, 2009

still sulking post wknd-vaca.

hi all. i am finally getting out of my post-wknd funk. it was terribly difficult to say goodbyes to the hkyplayer *YES!! HE CAME!*, the puppy, and my entire family. i lost it in the kitchen once, in front of Momma and the hkyplayer. but other than that i think i did damn good. hkyplayer reassured me we are close to the end. that i will go and join him in europe and the long distance is over before we know it. aka ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR. he drove down early Friday morning. he was amazing to say the least, golfed with my dad and brothers, put up with my Grandma's flirting with him- yes flirting. At one point she was twirling his leg hair. I wish I was joking and I am so sorry for the mental picture. Shudder.. he just really was fantastic about the crazy family stuff. Big Bonus pts. We did A LOT of eating. eek. I didnt do ANY working out..I just am in a stage where I cannot pull myself away from family when I am visiting..the time is to precious. But i WILL make up for it. I promised myself on the plane ride I am really going to revamp the working out and eating....that idea of oh I deserve to reward crap. It will stop soon. ie. I deserve a cupcake for working out last night, I deserve to eat a huge dinner because I did not eat anything for lunch..wrong wrong wrong. Anyway- that was the only downfall of the wknd. We ate good food and drank lots of wine. But other than that, we got to go out on my parents boat, had good weather, the boys golfed, I got my hair done (cut & highlights --so-so on it), went to the movies - hkyplayer and I snuck away for a 12:00 movie....we saw the Hangover. I would like to give a review on it but frankly, my head was practically in the popcorn bowl- yes..we got popcorn..with butter. yeessssh!!!!...and he dropped me off at the airport. it was just so nice.
here is one lil story- my cousin Jineane & I are very close. I was in her wedding years ago..and she now has 2 young girls, Colleen and Kaitlin. Over the wknd I realized by the time she was my age she was married and had Colleen..nuts!!! Anyway, Colleen is just great (4 yrs old). So talkative. So she comes up to hkyplayer & I saying come to the water (we were at our marina), and see this giant spider. Needless to say, the spider was M.I.A. but come to find....a GIANT water moccassin. I am telling you HUGE. --->

so I grab her hoisting her up- in my sundress and all and start quiet screaming think...jumping up and down freaking out with no words as I did not want to freak her out.. and she yells Grandma! we saw a snake. calm as a cucumber and says 'don't worry Katie they are scared of us a lot more than we are of them'. kids these days...this thing looked like a freaking boa constrictor. and we heard it SLITHER. what the?!!!??!!! I am off to my night job...another shudder..the last place I want to be. But I know with all this traveling, it is DEF. necessary.. ugh.
* On a side note; hkyplayer is thinking Italy. His agent called with a team that needs a European passport- right defense man..ding ding ding! i will def. let you know when the decision is made. I will shout it from the roof tops in fact....I will updated some pictures from the wknd courtesy of my Aunt Paula. Happy Monday to you all, and as always, I will be so GLAD to blog to have my one job, grocery shop (my fridge has tofu and lettuce), and GO TO THE GYM!!! xxx

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