Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On June 25th I will be on a flight to Montreal to visit with hkyplayer & his family. & in particular...Ali J! YAY! Ali J is hkyplayer's sisters & one of my very best friends. Every Friday she BBMs me HAPPY FRIDAY & the cutest messages. She moved to Vancouver, B.C. last summer with her great boyfriend and I have not seen them since! FAR too long. She is the most athletic girl I know, sucha inspiration to me
*Ali J & Spartan*
Running marathons is a MONTHLY occurrence. She rewards herself with massages & an occasional steak vs. the cupcakes and of late- Sour patch kids (Woops!!) like me. She has motivated me to stay on track though with my latest healthy life style. ie. I have cut out dairy and feel a LOT better and have been staying focused on what I am eating, why, and how my workouts are going. Anyway, feeling a whole lot better since my post -- see Dana Torres below ;) Here is a picture of her & her 'puppy' Spartan. She is flying w/ Spartan from BC to Montreal! HE IS HUGE!! Only a couple months old. I cannot wait to see how hkyplayer and in particular, hkyplayer's Dad, handle having a new puppy in their house! Should be very, very fun! Counting the days... Tonight we are suppose to be having a work happy hour. We will see if it is still on as a lot of accounts have been working long hours with upcoming campaigns. I am 50-50. I would like to go and have some laughs. But I would also like to come home after work and clean the apt. a little bit and watch junk-reality tv.. we shall see..Happy Tuesday blogettes.. xx

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