Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i am not having a good 'me' day. my skirt is hanging in weird places and my shirt is to big on the top. aka. i feel frumpy. i feel unsassy. i feel not so cute.
BUT! the sun is shining!
AND i have these things on my desk......

sunkissed AND skin firming...is this a miracle in a bottle??

mmmm.....crystal light... i am known to over dose on these. i know it is not healthy. but seriously, i hate regular water. i depend on the flavor. & AGAIN! the sun is out...

??! what is better than ice cold lemonade. ??!

i love products. after my crazy mondays working both jobs i always feel so good when i cash a paycheck and use $20 of a paycheck towards new perfumes, face washes or heck..dish detergent. i cannot even explain how it cheers me up. right now i have pomegranate dish soap. i also got little tester sized shampoo and conditioners for my (possible) up coming vacation this wknd. Hkyplayer will be so amazed with his super efficient girlfriend. Usually I bring jumbo sized everything & about a million pairs of shoes. But this time I am flying. No time to be over-indulgent!

on a related topic. i was in line at duane read and they have WHIPPED reeses peanut butter cups. say what. how delissssh. mmm. i can only imagine how great they would be. chocolate & peanut butter is my weakness. My maternal gma is OBSESSED w peanut butter so i swear it is located somewhere in my genetic make up and therefore, not my fault. or problem :) BUT! i did not grab 1! I did not! Instead I bought grapes from a street vendor. 1. the weather is beaaautiful. i could practically walk around in a bikini thru Midtown Manhattan. ..doesnt really make ya want a Reeses does it?! & 2. THIS BLOG. http://www.fitnessista.com/... how amazing/gorgeous is 'G'!! This girl is an inspiration. She is also a fitness instructor/personal trainer just like Hkyplayers Momma. I cannot wait to log into her blog this wknd (possible vacation) & show Ali J and HkyMomma her blog!

hopefully this not so me day will suddenly turn into i love the summer, i love eating healthy and working out day. ps. i am so glad i brought my gym stuff to change into! looks like i am forgoing yet another happy hr for the sanity of the treadmill. sorry coworkers in advanced. :X

much needed moi time! xx have an amazing afternoon all...

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