Friday, June 12, 2009

eventful friday!

eventful and it is not even 10:00 am! i called the night job to let them know i have to potentially work late in the office monday night next week. might not be able to take a shift. they then asked me to work a lot 4th of July wknd the following weekend is my youngest brother's grad party, so I do not have concrete plans for that wknd. I am pretty sure I will take everyone's shifts. take 1 for the team ;) spoke to Momma, she launched into this whole discussion about how my Dad was asking my thoughts on raising future children Catholic. This discussion was happening as my co-workers arrived @ the office. Katie was like who in the heck are you talking to about creation, religion and philosophical topics at 9am on a Friday! ha! woke up to the sweetest msg. from the hkyplayer in which he spelled out a lot of promises of the upcoming season in Europe & next summer. We plan on being together asap. and the whole happily ever after ending. it was the sweetest thing to wake up on a Friday with the rain pouring down and check my BB in bed. it was the best. tonight Katie & I are going out to dinner. much needed! & Saturday we plan on going to Coney Island! YaY! Never been. We want relaxation mixed in with a little fun. Sunday I will work. Gotta make some $$! I hope to fit in workouts all 3 days.. ha. My company ok'ed (finaaaaally) my vacation to Montreal June 25-June 28. I am flying there (first time!), and taking the train back. Ali J (hkyplayers sister & one of my BFFs), will be in town from B.C. yipeee! Have not seen her since last summer.. and with her new lil pup in tow. Hkyplayers brother Luke is graduating high school that wknd. I am excited to be apart of the festivities. In Canada they have quite a different grad ceremony. They all have what we have in the States as a Senior Ball somewhere in downtown Montreal @ a nice hotel. They all stay the night. I think they walk across a stage? Hkyplayer and I are always confusing each other when we talk about hs. grad. because they are so different in each country. It will be so fun to see first hand what it is all about!! Counting down til then ..:) The weekend in between my old college roomie and bff Steph might be in town for an engagement party. Id love to see her. So that would be fun *& a nice distraction from missing family and hkyplayer/his family!

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